Uncivilzed civilization

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Now the day is dying,

Men of valour still sleeping,

The wise no more reasoning,

Scepticism now dominating.

Very rich but still poor,

Her mentality locked behind the door,

Aimlessly walking on the world's corridor,

Still servant to those she employs.

Has gotten her independence,

But helplessly dependent,

On others and lacks confidence,

In her policy and government.

She constantly consume,

Yet cannot produce,

In the midst of plenty,

She still borrows from many.

In her Tertial Institutions,

There is no equipment for experimentation,

Just slacking behind in modern technology,

Rely only on theory and analogy.

Her founding Fathers fought with their might,

Delivered them from the darkness of the night,

Made everything simple and right,

But their offspring chose slavery and fright.

I remember Kwame Nkrumah's Pan-Africanism,

Now interpreted as mysticism,

Who will resurrect Julius Nyerere's Ujamah?

What about the ideologies of Nelson Mandela?

Who will re-echoe the voice of Patrice Lumumba,

Who will Savage the lovely continent of Africa,

Where are the doctrines of Nnamdi Azikiwe,

Have we thrown them away?

What about the cry of Saro Wiwa,

The writings of Dele Giwa,

Africa is now in dilemma,

With ravaging stigma.

She owns nothing,

Despite having everything,

She has mansions,

But lacks accommodations.

She shows zero faith in her currency,

Her leaders always healthy,

Only when in foreign countries,

Due to their failure in transparency.

They don't believe in their capability,

Always seeking aid from international community,

Too naive and insensitive,

Behaves always like primitives.

She has everything in her States,

Yet she cannot create,

What it takes,

To be self reliant up till date.

Her written constitutions,

Meant to regulate her federations,

Is now a source of confusion,

Of course agonizing commotion.

There is poverty in her land,

But her leaders travel to rebrand,

Cities in the West and Uplands,

Where they have no command.

What a people of illogicality,

Confuse and full of ambiguity,

See themselves as enemies,

Have hatred for their local companies

Oh! Beautiful Mother,

Who told you you cannot trigger,

Develop and move higher,

Who told you you cannot get better.

You made yourself a slave,

Buried your mentality in the grave,

Baked and ate the wrong cake,

So you are backward amongst your mate.

Gifted with enough gold,

But choose not to be bold,

Have enough sheep's in the fold,

Who are scattered with abysmal cold.

Laid on her offsprings enough load,

Made them beggars on the road,

Children crying of hunger like toad,

Her youths now growing so old.

She discovers natural gas,

Foreigners exploit and reward her with grass,

Give her gun and cutlass,

Turn her from first class to lower class.

She has eyes but cannot see,

Drown daily in the Mediterranean Sea,

Have no conscience that feels,

Cannot even plan like Bees.

She is gradually going crazy,

Celebrate and enthrone mediocrity,

Conquered again into slavery,

Gradually running into bankruptcy.

What a continent,

That cannot train her contingent,

Only good at employing foreign agents,

Who exploit her land and make her lament.

Africa is loosing the battle,

Has turned her environs into jungle,

Stripped herself of kingly mantle,

Looks so shy, inferior and little.

God made us mathematicians,

He is not a magician,

Rather, a physician,

Who wants us to be academicians.

Let's shun religious bigotism,

Avoid political extremism,

Put to practice empiricism and rationalism,

On a firm foundation of lovism.


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3 years ago