Short Story 1

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2 years ago

It's a story of 10 years old Waleed and 8 years old Zara. They are good friends but they don't know what is the meaning of genuine love,

Zara belongs to a rich family while Waleed belongs to a poor family despite that, their friendship is apart from these things, They love to play together, and they share everything with each other.

After 2 years Zara's father gets a transfer letter, and when her father told her we are going to another city so she cries and said: " I don't want to leave this city I want to stay here with my friend Waleed" but her father has no options and he shifts to another city. Zara usually remains sad, but as time passes, she enjoys the company of new friends. On the other hand, Waleed also forgets about her.

But maybe God doesn't want this, After 9 years when Ali was 21 years old, Ali gets a job at Zara's father's company, Where Zara was already working. They talk to each other daily but they don't remember that they are childhood friends...

One day Zara was talking about her old childhood friend (Waleed) with her friends so Waleed also listens to it, he came close to Zara and say: "Where were you??? You know how much I miss you..." Zara looks towards him with teary eyes and said: "Waleed"

"Yes I'm Waleed, your childhood friend" Waleed replies by cleaning his tears with his hand.

They hug each other so tight and forget all the things they have to face in past and start living a new life...


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