My Favorite Romantic Movie

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Ahhh love month is now in its mid!!! No doubts that you all are feeling this love in the air......

Do you guys like movies? Oh, no doubt you all love to watch movies because movies are our first partner who overcomes our boredom. Isn't it???

So It's time to talk about my favorite romantic movie......

Ummm, I always love to watch animated movies like Tarzan, Waterhorse, Roadside Romeo, and lots of others but love story needs to look real that's why today I'm not going to talk about animation movies.

So without any wait let's tell you about my favorite movie.....

It's none other than "Not Cinderella's Type"


It's a movie about a girl(Indy) whose mother gets died at the age of ten and she lived with his uncle and aunty who always treat her as a mate and never cares about her. She has a best friend who secretly loves her but she always takes him just as her best friend.

Indy has a crush on a boy(Bryant) who's a little famous in school, but she never talks to him. One day Indy's cat get died because of her Bryant and she starts hating him. But as time passes they become close friends.

Indy told about Bryant to her best friend so he said that he also likes her. Now Indy has 2 options in front of her. One of his best friends whom she knows for lots of years and another for the boy who killed her cat that's the last gift from her mom.

Well, after getting lots of torture and injustice from her Uncle and Aunty one day Indy plans to leave home. She calls her best friend but he didn't listen to her because of his busy day, on the other hand, Bryant takes her to his home and gives her all things she needed.

At the end of the story, she selected Bryant as her life partner instead of her best friend. And she starts a new life with Bryant's family.

Why she selected Bryant?

There were lots of reasons to select him as a partner like he gives her spirit to speak up against the injustice her Uncle and Aunty doing with her, He has pure hurt and he truly cares about her, She already like him a little, and at last, she enjoyed his company. 

Link Of Movie:

Note: This movie is the perfect love story to watch with family🤪🤪

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