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2 years ago

Today we will discuss the importance of books. Books are the main source to spread knowledge in whole people. All the countries, While go and back from the moon is due to the knowledge and it is the result of the power of books. library is the main source to spread of knowledge.

Reading books is a good hobby. I also read books in my over time. We all are passing in the stage of corona virus books can fresh our minds. I advice to my all friends to read books.

​Reading is a wonderful hobby, and it would be even if it didn’t happen to be incredibly frugal as well.

A good book will make you think about some aspect of the world around you and make you reconsider that aspect a little, whether it’s human relationships, some aspect of the physical world, or an intriguing new idea.

Internet is become a basic source of reading . We can aware about everything thing through internet .

Reading increase our knowledge. It's very good for our mental health . It enhance our personality .

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Benefits Of Reading Books. Cognitive Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercising. Vocabulary and Knowledge Expansion. Stress and Tension Relief. Helps With Depression and Dysthymia. Memory Improvement and Better Focus. Strengthens Your Writing Abilities. Enhances Your Imagination and Empathy. Boosts Your Sleep.

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2 years ago

reading books has so many benefits it increases the brain strength reduces stress,aids sleep ,alleviates depression etc,

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2 years ago