Fruits & Vegetables Benefits

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​Apples are good source of fibre and vitamin C. They also contains polyphenols, which may have numerous health benefits.

​Apples contain compounds that may help protect your stomach lining from injury due to NSAID painkillers.

Apples contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory compound that may help immune responses and protect against asthma.

Apples have several naturally occurring compounds that may help fight cancer.

Eating apples is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. This is possibly due to their polyphenol antioxidant contact.

Apples are Good source of Energy And boosts metabolic Level..

It Helps to improve Heart Rate and Body Blood Sugar by regulate the level of releasing sugar.

Apple is Full Of Many Vitamins and Minerals. which gives us Healthy Bones .Teeths Health and Skin Health.

Apple also decrease and prevents the risks of Cancer.

Some Compounds presents in Apple are Very good to fight Against #Asthma Disease..

The Best Time to eat Apple is MORNING TIME.

The Worst Time to eat Apple is Night time because in night it can irritates your Intestines and produce Gases and discomfort.

apple boost your metabolic Level And Raise your immunity against many Diseases...

Everyone must Needs to Take 2 Apples a day...

An Apple A Day 'Keep The Doctors Away.

Phalsa or Falsa may be a fruit of the tree phalsa, which may be a native of India and extraordinary nations like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Thailand. it's also been naturalized in Australia and therefore the Philippines. it's a little tree that grows to a top of 15 to twenty ft and bears bitter-sweet tiny reddish-pink fruits which resemble blueberries.

The tree end results sooner or later within the top summer season months of may additionally and June every 12 months.

The stop result's effected perishable and its juice is also organized to remaining the complete summertime. additionally, the top result's eaten as they're with the addition of a small amount of salt and black pepper. The fruit is eaten for its cooling effect within the summertime further to its other fitness advantages.

phalsa fruit and juice has been used to treat liver and gall bladder problems for centuries

For Brain weakness daily drink half cup phalsa juice.

Phalsa is very good for's juice help in relieving digestive problems like acidity.

Health benefits of lemon water and what sort of you have to drink every day.

this newsletter changed into medically reviewed with the aid of Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, nutrients, and health professional with an exercise-based totally in big apple metropolis.

The blessings of lemon water encompass boosting diet C, supporting weight loss, stopping kidney stones, and freshening breath.

right here's how a notable deal lemon water you have to drink a day to receive the health benefits.

But, eating an excessive amount of lemon water may have health dangers, together with unfavorable enamel and traumatic mouth sores.

It is a great herb. It is rich in carbohydrate, protein, minerals and vitamins. it contains volatile oils, resins and phenols.

it's medicinal benefits include :

1. for treating arthritis, gouts, rheumatism, fever, cough and sore throat, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer.

2. It stimulates the circulation of blood and helpful for cold hands and feets.

3. it aids digestion.

4. It inhibits the growth of toxic microorganisms.


Add a teaspoon of dried ginger powder in a glass of hot water and infuse for 10 minutes.


Soak some pieces of ginger for 3 days and drink a glass cup daily.

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All seasonal fruits are beneficial for health especially apples ... Thanks for sharing this information...

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Great knowledge about vegetables

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wow so sweet nice article it has good information that tells us about fruits and vegetables that are essential for our health

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