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If you have never been to Russia, I am here to tell you it is a place not to be missed. Out of all the places I have been Russia by far is one of my favorites, I will say however, there is a huge difference between the city of Moscow and the city of St Petersburg if you have only have a chance to visit one of them I feel St Petersburg would be the one.

However, this is about Moscow so lets get started. I stayed at a hotel that overlooked the Red Square and I can say the view from the rooftop bar was incredible.

The buildings in the Red Square are actually various shades of red.

And from what I understand this mall is one of the most expensive malls in Russia, but from what I saw it wasn't that great just overpriced. I did however buy some caviar from there.

I also visited the famous Gorky Park

And of course what would a trip to Russia be without visiting the ballet.

In the middle of Moscow I just happened to see this and if you are from the southern USA or if you know my families background you will appreciate this picture.

Next up St Petersburg, Russia stay tuned........

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I have never been in Russia but i had a few Russian friends,they are really positive people. Russia is very old country and has many historical places to see.

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