I'm Not Feeling Well Today ft. My Sleeping Habits

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Good Evening Guys! I hope you are well today! I hope your day is the opposite of how I feel today!

Hasyt, since yesterday, my teeth have been hurting and when I woke up today, not only my teeth hurt but my head also hurt. I still don't want to get up because of my headache but I have to eat breakfast because I might get After I ate breakfast later even weaker if I don't eat.

After I ate breakfast later I went back to sleep because my head really hurt and the pain I felt increased because my shoulder also hurt. I just woke up at lunch, at lunch my teeth, head and shoulders were still sore. I've taken medicine but still nothing huhuhu. So to sleep again after eating lunch I decided to take a walk first, just in case my headache goes away somehow. Maybe if I just lay down all day my head hurts even more so I went for a walk first. But when I came home I also slept hehehe, I really can't stand my headache.

Thank God because somehow my head and teeth don't hurt so much anymore. This is the consequence of me sleeping all day I can't sleep tonight. I really plan not to write an article because I really want to relax in case I can't sleep, and you know guys, read.cash is my sleeping pill WHAHAHAHA.

Let's just talk about my sleeping habits and I hope after I write this I can fall asleep na.


Light On/Lights Off

It used to be light off but now it's not, because I'm not comfortable sleeping with the light turned off especially since I'm sleeping alone on our 2nd floor. But our light here is not directly focused on my room, our light is on the side of my older brother's room (but he is not sleeping here now) so even if the light is on, I am not dazzled.

Light Sleeper/Heavy Sleeper

I inherited being a light sleeper from my dad. As in, I wake up quickly when mama, papa and my younger brother go up to the 2nd floor, I wake up immediately. But sometimes it's hard for me to wake up when I'm really tired but my normal sleep is light and then it's even harder when I wake up from sleep I have to wait a few minutes before I go back to sleep. It took me a long time to fall asleep, unlike my mother who just leaned over and fall asleep right away.

Fan/No Fan

Who doesn't want to sleep with a fan, right? unless you're allergic to air and when you feel cold, you're not really going to use a fan right? I use to sleep with a Fan because I have electric fan eh but I can also sleep without an electric fan ha.

One Pillow/More Pillows

Hmm... If you count your pillows I use three. One on the head, one on the foot and one in my arms. I'm the person who it hard to sleep without a pillow to hug, pramise!

Early/Late Sleeper

Both because sometimes I sleep early and then sometimes I sleep late. When I don't sleep in the afternoon I go to bed early. When I really really like what I watch or read, I sleep late. But it rarely I go to bed late because of my hobbies. It's only in sleep I regain my strength, eh, will I refuse to give that to myself?

Thin/Thick Blanket

Normally I use a thin blanket, because I'm the person, even though it's very hot, I can't sleep without a blanket. I’m not comfortable that I don’t have a blanket covering me. But when the weather is cold, of course I use a thick blanket, because I get cold quickly. I can withstand the heat but when it comes to the cold I can't.

With Socks/No Socks

I'm not used to wearing socks when sleeping. I don’t remember me wearing socks while sleeping. Maybe when I was a kid I used to sleep in socks when I was sick.

Pajamas On/Comfy Clothes

What I was wearing that day was also what I was wearing WHAHAHAHA. I'm not used to wearing pajamas when I sleep. As long as I can sleep well, whatever I'm wearing is ok.

Music On/Music Off

This is a music lover. It's more relaxing to sleep with music. I play music when my brain doesn't want to stop thinking, when there is music it distracts my brain, especially when my favorite song is the song and then I duet the song until I fall asleep.

That's all for today's video char! For today's blog pala!

Thank You For Reading and Don't Forget That



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