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Happy Valentine's Day Self!

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5 months ago

Happy happy hearts day to the person who always be there for me and always love me——MYSELF!!!


I will just remind you why you deserve to be happy and you deserve to love yourself!

In times past, in the hardships and problems you have experienced you will just want to give up, stop and forget everything. But in those times you didn't make those options instead you fought, you showed me that you can, that the problems can't stop you to have the courage to fight for your life.

To the bad things that others said to you, that did not become an obstacle to show that You are real, even if others don't like you as long as you know you did nothing wrong. That way you showed me how brave and strong you are to show who you really are.

As you continue to learn despite the hardships of distance learning, you cope. Even if you are tired of that modules, you still continue because it is for your dream.

In your mistakes I know that in the past you have learned to face, accept and learn from your mistakes. You also become open minded to the things you should know even if it is sometimes difficult to understand. That's a big improvement for me that you should be proud of...

I'm so proud of you because somehow you help your family financially and you're training yourself to be independent.

That's Why You Don't Have To Doubt Youself!!!

I Want To Say Thank You.......

For everything because I know that you are always there for me and you expect that I will never tire of understanding and loving you myself....

In the future, I know that I still know a lot about you and I know that I will see many improvements in the future, just by ourselves we can do everything.......

I just remind you self.....

Don't forget that you have family, friends and people close to you who love you and support you. May they always be one to be your strength in the times when you are having a hard time.

Don't forget to breathe in things that are too tight....

Don't forget that there is a god there for you if you know you can't, just pray to him and just trust his plan for you.

You know you deserve to have the Alegria Boys Series Book Set!

But HAHAHAHA just a letter I'll give you first, forgive me because we don't have money yet for our wants.......

Thank You For Reading and Don't Forget That



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Written by   35
5 months ago
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