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Get Up From Sleep Just To Answer Questions ʘ‿ʘ

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4 months ago

Good day everyone!!!

Good Evening din guys! I just woke up, I fell asleep around 7 pm and then my mind woke up a bit and I thought that I haven't done my article for this day yet.

Para saan ako bumabangon?

To make an article HAHAHA.... Literal na bumangon talaga Ako sa pagkakatulog makagawa lang ng article.

Because I don't have a topic in my mind but I have to write because one of my goals is to publish an article every day and I don't want to break my goals. So because I can't think of any topic or I just don't want to think? Hehehe, I'll just do the most popular type of article here in if you can't think a topic,Answering Question is the answer!

Who Are You?

I'm Herz Whitelead, not my original name but the word Herz is my first name when translated into English and also the word Whitelead is my last name when translated into English, guess what that is WHAHAHAHAHA... but maybe someone who knew me at (if there is one who know me) know the meaning of Herz because my real name is my surname in Anyway I'm 15 y/o and I'm 3 year high school (grade 9) so expect sometimes my works are a bit childish and ignorant, I'm still young so I still have many things to learn in this world. What else? I love color black, pero dati color yellow ang favorite ko.

How would you describe your self?

I inherited my dad's tall, thin and dark body..... I inherited my mom's nose, pango. I'm a moody person, sometimes or always they said I'm weird because sometimes I'm happy then a few mins/hours I'm sad then just a few minutes I'm happy again. My mood changes quickly, I'm also quick to get angry or frustrated but magaling akong manginis.

What are you passionate about?

All about stories, I remember when I was child I used to listen to my dad's stories and then when I learned to read I secretly took my brother's book, because the book in elementary school have stories there so I took my brother's book then I read the stories in the book. To get my lice in my hair before my grandmother was need my aunt lent me her book. So it's no wonder that I became a wattpater whahaha. Moreover, when we were still living in our grandmother's house. Me and my Lola love to watch movies and kdrama together. Even when I was young, I really wanted to read, listen and watch stories until now.

What are you most grateful for?

I'm alive now, I eat 3 to 4 times a day and I don't have any serious problems, I'm grateful for that. In just waking up in the morning, I'm so thankful to God. Other person only eats once a day and I eat 3 to 4 times a day, shouldn't I be grateful there? Of course I'm grateful for that! I have problems but I can solve them easily. And as of now I don't have a serious problem can break my whole body and mind.

What are the most important things to your life?

God of course,He was always first of all. I wouldn’t be here today without Him. I can't do anything without Him in my body who gives me strength, healing, hope and knowledge. Everyone will judge you and leave you but not Almighty God.

Do you love yourself? why or why not?

Of course I love myself, there is no one who will love me completely except God and myself because they are the only two who really know my personality, but sometimes I forgot to love myself. Have you also experienced that? Loving c myself will not be the way for me to be selfish. But one of the ways I show my love for myself is through my love for others, because that way my heart is eased, I am happy, I have learned something new, and I am giving freedom myself to let go of my fears and anxieties.

Good Night Guys! I can sleep without thinking. I'm going back to sleep, Hello! Hello to those still awake! Time check 11:25 pm already! Sleep Well sa matutulog na kagaya ko! May God protect us!

Thank You For Reading and Don't Forget That



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Written by   35
4 months ago
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