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A Letter To Someone

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2 months ago
Topics: Letter, Love

Dear love

Good Day, my love! How are you?

Here you are again, you are disturbing my mind. It seems like not long time ago when I met you but why your presence hit me so hard?

When you were just starting, I was watching and always updated on what you were going to do, and I always cheering you. Sometimes I feel really stupid when you're there WHAHAHAHA. Is it normal to have crush on you? Is it normal to feel how you feel?

I witness how you like her.

I witness how your hate for her has become love. But I know when you first met her you like her, the way you describe her I know you don't really hate her.

When you courted her, yes, I couldn’t help to feel butterflies in my stomach first. Who wouldn't if I could see how you make an effort in your courtship. I am also a witness how you act when you're jealous.

But in every scene like that there is a little pain in my heart.

When she said yes to you I witness that, you were happy that day. I even witness your first kiss.

She become your girlfriend. I am happy because your efforts has been repaid, but deep inside I am jealous.

Sometimes I wish I was just her.

I hope I experience that too.

Why are you so sweet?

Why is your gentleman?

The more I know you the more I can no longer avoid falling for you?

In your pickup line that even I know It's not for me I'm falling....

When everyone here turned their backs on you, I'm there, crying with you.

I sympathize with the pain you are feeling. When you were feel down did you know how many times I wanted to hug you?

I'm hurt when I see you crying but I can't do anything, all I can do is listen to your feelings. That every time I see you struggling as if I just want to go to them, to her and I will explain to them all the truth. But I can't do that. I can't just even hug you and be in your side when you cry, so how can I go to her and tell her the truth.

How many times have I wish you'll be mine, I just wish you loved me. I hope you see me too. There's a part of me that wants to snatch you from her and you just love me, I'm sure I won't hurt you.

Maybe you're wondering who I am, my love?

WHAHAHA Even if you don't know me, I know you very well in everything that happened to you, I'm watching you. In your favorite color, day, food, and even your secrets I know. From your feelings I know all that. In your happy and painful experiences I know all that.

Oh, I remember, my love. You don't exist in this world, you're just a Fiction Character that even if I had to pray a few more times I would have you I know It won't happen. Because you are just a Fiction Character and I'm living in this world, In this reality.

There are so many people in this world, of all I will love, why you? why in a Fiction Character like you I'll fell inlove?

I fell in love with you, who only made in the human imagination. I'm Inlove to a character in the beautiful story I read.

WHAHAHA I'm so emotional na.

My love, I'm happy that the love story of you two had a happy ending.

I'm glad you're happy with the last page of your story.



Good Day Everyone!!!You know I'm just really sleepy so I'm wrote that I don't know I can write WHAHAHAHA. I sleep late again, my mother will be angry again if she see me that I'm still awake so good night guys! Have a nice night/day!!! I hope everyone is safe!!!

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Written by   35
2 months ago
Topics: Letter, Love
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Wow this such a beautiful letter love is really something beautiful and we shouldn’t spoil it by hurting our partner

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2 months ago

I wish and request all lovers in the world, please don't hurt your lover. Give real love.

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2 months ago