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Resiliencia (Resilience)

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3 months ago

There are times in life when it seems impossible to overcome a problem. It may make you feel helpless, depressed and exhausted. You might wonder how can I continue to live if no one understands my pain?

Resilience is an attitude and the ability to work hard to overcome obstacles, allowing you to become stronger than before. It gives you the power to succeed in difficult times when the world tells you that you can't.

The word "Resilience" means strength and flexibility, thus being able to bounce back, remain strong, and determined.

Somehow, statistics say, that the average person overcomes 1 personal tragedy every 5 years. There are no statistics on how many times people find the strength to keep going after a series of tragedies. When resilience is crucial, every small victory counts.

When things are falling apart, something else is coming back – stronger than before.

When we talk about resilience we think about returning to normal after a disaster. But that's only half the story. Resilience is something that happens not just in response to or recovery from adversity, but also as an anticipatory mechanism. Resilient systems are able to anticipate what will happen in their environments and make appropriate adjustments to their form, function, and behavior.

Resilience is a characteristic of individuals and the systems they form. An individual may be resilient when confronted with a serious illness, for example, but the immune system itself is resilient. The body knows what needs to be done to keep the immune response healthy and resilient.

To be resilient is to take life as it comes and to live on as best you can. To be resilient is to go against the grain and do what you know in your heart is right, regardless of all the odds being against you. To be resilient is to fail again, and again, and again, until you succeed.

Knowing how to use a previous failure as an excuse to fail again or even to stop trying will not make us win.

Leave the excuses aside and take advantage of previous failures.

Let's be resilient! Let's face our problems head on and keep going forward. Life is full of colors, enjoy every one of them!

Thanks for reading 💚💚

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Written by   88
3 months ago
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Resilience is not given to weaklings...some people crave for it but can't get it ...some earn it because of the strength to withstand difficulties and challenges that life throws at be resilient is to go against whatever is pushing you from going to the intended path.

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3 months ago