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3 months ago

Long ago, There was a town called ZAMORA ,this town was ruled by a selfish and ungodly king called “lazath

Lazarth was a strong and fearless man ,the people of Zamora feared the king to the extent that anytime he passes bye the people of the town both young and old run heather scater to their various home for their safety

The king clams possession of all their property,the people of the town of Zamora where in so much pain ,no one could stand up to face the king. Lazarth has an army which no town could defeat, They were the strongest of all

lazarth has a wife called ROSE MARY , rose has two child for Lazarth. Rose was a very beautiful,kind and generous woman, she got married to lazarth through force , her father made her marry lazarth.

Lazarth threatens to kill rose father if he does not let him marry his daughter rose,through fear and frustration rose father gave his daughter out in marriage to lazarth.

Rose gave birth to two children named RUTH and DAVID

Ruth was also beautiful like her mother ,while David was of a good behavior and also strong like his mother ,he never liked his father. He wanted justice and peace

On this particular day David confronts his father and challenged him ,he defeated his father and claim the throne and became the king of Zamora , the people of Zamora were so happy that joy filled the whole town and they celebrated

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Written by   1
3 months ago
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What a nice story I have came across it somewhere before

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3 months ago