What's the Best time to Buy Bitcoin:-

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2 years ago

For the last month or more we have some interesting ups in the Crypto Market. I'll say it just Ups because if see a journey of a month of any coin/token, I think almost everyone will appear in the green zone.

In this bull run, the coin that gets the great attention of people is Bitcoin. Bitcoin wrote its name on a special page of some multi billionaire's life and also given hope to some poor to be a millionaire or billionaire. (To me too🤑🤗)

Seeing the current situation everyone is talking about #Bitcoin.

If you are attending these talks, you will hear about its price comparisons of the past and present more frequently.

Some are comparing the price of today with the previous decade, some with the previous year, some with the month, and even some with yesterday.

In a conclusion, everyone is marking the past as the best time for buying #BTC. And the more interesting thing is that no one marked even a second of the past as the worst time for buying Bitcoin, even not the time of the past where $BTC was at ATH in 2017.

But what I am saying on this. I don't just think or say but I believe that today, right now is the best time to buy Bitcoin. I am not trying to say yesterday, or month or year ago was not the best time to buy, of course, it was. It was the best time even when it was around $42k. And why I am saying it today, Because tomorrow, our today will be known as yesterday. And it will be known as the best time for buying Bitcoin.

So if you don't have bought Bitcoin yet, you are not late, even a second. Don't fearful of its #ATH (if it's there), because the 2017-18 #ATH is profitable today.

Don't be panic don't be discouraged just jump into the bull run with strong belief and confidence.

But keep in mind that there are some rules for investing in crypto.

  • Be patient

  • Be Active

And more importantly

  • "Invest the amount that you can afford to lose" According to @Tiger Lilly.

If you are investing the money you can afford to lose, it will give you extremely strong hands to HODL with patience and peace of mind. As we all know Holding your assets is how much important while dealing with crypto.

So feel free to buy whenever you have something in hand, don't think about the pump or dump.

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2 years ago


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