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My Mother, My Legend:-

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6 months ago

Mother: ​​Not just a word to say, a name to tell or a relation to explaining but a love that has no boundaries to end, no parameters to measure, a name that is the favorite and priceless for everyone, a relation that is unreplaceable and is full of love and respect for every sort of Individual. In short, the mother is one of the most wonderful gifts and blessings from GOD.

"​Every Mom is the best But I have a special one". This is not only my words but I have heard it from a lot of peoples. Why she is special to me...?

Because my Mother is my teacher, consular, and nurse since the day she gave me birth and introduces me to the world. To the world of which I was unknown. She teaches me how to talk and how to walk in the universe. She understood me even when I couldn't speak any word. She gave me the love which no one had and would give me. She gave me hopes through the darkness of nights. She watched over me and protected me unconditionally. She gave me strength through the day and lights. She showed me the way and guides me every day. She is there for me when everyone is against me and when I am at my worse. She put all her energy and time just for the sake of our happiness and our position in the world that feels her pride.

It said that "there is heaven beneath the feet of a mother". And I believe in that. Because the relief, comfort, and satisfaction I got while putting my head on her laps do not belong to this World. Her single smile is worth a million dollars for me.

I have seen a lot of scholars, politicians, Social activists, and general people against different special days in the calendar. But on Mother's day, I didn't just find them silent but in support of the day.

One day a year would not enough to tell her how special she is. But there is no harm to celebrate Mother's day. We should make her feel how important she is to us on such special days.

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Written by   19
6 months ago
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