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My Journey To BCH:-

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2 months ago

It was a year and a half back when I start desiring to earn online. The desire was simple; to earn by putting my abilities to work. Being a student it was just 'writing' that I was doing better that time. And I start teaching for a platform where I could earn by putting my talent of creativity into words. So I started with Uptrennd.

Uptrennd, the name will very familiar to many around here😍 One of the best platform for writers before it fail down breaking many hope and desires of users. I step in there to earn but along with earning, I learned a lot. Uptrennd didn't just boost my writing abilities but also taught me about other content creations and especially about crypto. which was the plus point for my entry into the crypto-verse. Uptrennd vanished soon but left soon awesome people, cute memories, and a piece of knowledge in our mind and heart. I still miss it.😌

While using Uptrennd I was also using PublishOx where I was posting the article I was sharing for Uptrennd. But PublishOx was not favorable for me because it's almost just for crypto-related posts and I am not that much expert about crypto. So its usage was not fruitful for me.

Meeting Read and Noise Cash:-

It was late December 2020 when I was just active on Twitter and telegram that one of my friends told me about and I think it was the very early days of and I step into both the sites on the same day. I was already known to BCH and its value, but not to its importance among people. I loved the way it works and the ways we could earn it.

Why I preferred Noise Cash over Read Cash:-

Being dishearted after Uptrennd, I preferred giving more of my time to work on, because of its acceptance of short posts. I was tired of writing lengthy article. So I was working more on Noise Cash as compared to Read Cash.

What else for BCH:-

It was awesome working along with some of my uptrennd friends there on the new growing site. Where I was earning $BCH from two sides (NoisCash and ReadCash) my friend referred me to Lazyfox where we were rewarded with $BCH after completing some tasks. Lazyfox was much interesting and fruitful for me in the case of earning $BCH.

Knowing about #Club1BCH:-

While working on all these three sites I meet the hashtag #Club1BCH on ReadCash. Where some users were aiming to accumulate one BCH. I start following that club but officially. I also aimed to have one BCH in my wallet before it went high. Being new to all the sites it was a bit difficult to collect one BCH, but it was the beauty of the sites and users' help that I collected about 0.3 BCH just in three months. But on an emergency call, I can't continue to hold it and sold all my BCH there (In April). That was the time where my schedule got disturbed and stopped working online.

It was a gap of about 4 months but somehow I managed to get myself back at least on Noise Cash. And I started working back in previous September. The Noise Cash I found to use after returning was too much improved from every point of view.

Now the goal to accumulate one BCH is on again. And right now, it's the most crucial time for me to got $BCH in the dip.🤗 Wish me all the best😇

Btw, how did you get into #ReadCash and #NoiseCash? Do you have a story to tell? I'll love to hear from you guys.

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Written by   19
2 months ago
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