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I am Thankful to Allah For My Life:-

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5 months ago

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful and show appreciation. We usually pay our gratitude in return for kindness and blessings to someone.

What I believe is "Gratitude should be our attitude". Because it will a sort of love and sympathy in our surroundings for us.

We are always under the blessings of Someone. Of whom? Allah. So we should be grateful to Allah for every second of our life. So if not for someone else towards Allah our attitude should be full of gratitude.

I am grateful to Allah for the beautiful and happy life He has given to me. Before everything, He has blessed me with a healthy and workable body and its parts. Today I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk and I can taste. What else is required for a happy life? I think it's enough for me to live my life happily.

He sent me to the world, being born in the home of Angels. He has blessed me with a wonderful and loving family. I am still living Under the Shadow of my parents. Which is not less than an extra life to me.

I am grateful to Him for keeping me making me see every new dawn with more power for the past 20 years.

I am blessed with such a wonderful and cheerful life that I can't put in my words anymore but can feel every second by heart. Thank GOD.

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