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Are you wasting or investing your time on the internet?

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9 months ago
Topics: Life, Time, Internet, Online, Earning, ...

Internet is one of the most important factors in our lives today. We can't get off nor refuse its addiction at any place and stage of life. Generally, we use the internet for several purposes like communication, learning, earning, shopping, etc...

Beyond all this, a lot of us use the internet for the sake of entertainment. For which we usually follow the social networking sites like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc... I am not trying to say that entertaining ourselves through the internet is bad stuff. But we shouldn't be addicted to it excessively. Our addiction to social networking sites is not good for our carrier and general life activities by killing our time and mental potentials.

While giving us ways of entertainment, the Internet also provides us some brilliant opportunities to learn and earn. Learning on the internet is one of the main and fundamental aspects of it, from the very beginning. While earning is one of the modern and quickly improving face of the internet.

In the start, we were having just limited ways of online earning like blogging and vlogging (usually for YouTube), etc. But the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the digital world of the internet brought a big change in its earning side. It didn't just stop at introducing digital currencies but brought a damn wide world of blockchain. A world that that provides us the markets to trade our digital assets, the world that is giving us several ways of earning these cryptos, and also the ways of learning about them.

Today we have hundreds of blockchain-based learning and earning sites that pay us for our work and even simple engagement.

Today if we see a lot of people around us are working online as full-time jobs and earning more than what we are earning physically in offices. Earning on the internet is belonging in one of the top activities for daily life survival, and could boost the more shortly.

According to my view, if you are just entertaining yourself on the internet, you are wasting your time. If you are learning or earning online, you are investing your time.

So the ball is in your court you just need to give it a shot in the best possible way. Our today is the guarantor of our tomorrow, so we should use each of its moment wisely.

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Written by   19
9 months ago
Topics: Life, Time, Internet, Online, Earning, ...
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Hello !Great article from you investing our time is the best assurance for our Future. Let's have fun don't stress out ourselves into problem. Goodluck!

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1 month ago

That's a nice statement, although that doesn't limit to do both things (having fun and investing your time), that's my main goal actually. Nice article :D

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9 months ago