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PwC Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2021

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5 months ago

While the crypto markets are in the red and there seems to be a lot of fear and negative sentiment at the moment, it's a good opportunity for us to look at some of the reports that were published this year. One that I thought was worthy of mention is the PwC Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2021. It's an interesting report that could help us get a better picture of where things stand particularly with respect to the hedge funds that are active in the space are concerned. It may also give us some insight into what we can expect in the future as the digital asset space continues to mature.

In the video,  I attempt a quick break down of the 52-page report from PwC which offers a breakdown of the crypto hedge fund landscape and also provides some informative take aways from the perspective of legacy institutions. The report looks into the some quantitative factors such as liquidity terms and crypto trading. It also looks at some other aspects including governance and custody.

According to PwC, their goal is to share their findings with the wider digital asset industry and help spur adoption by encouraging the uptake of best practices by participants in the ecosystem as the crypto markets continue to develop and mature.

The report looks at:

  • Market size and assets under management

  • Performance of crypto hedge funds

  • Types of investors and the average ticket sizes

  • Fund strategies, activities and trading

  • Governance

  • Location

Read the full report:

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Written by   78
5 months ago
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