Stick To The Plan, It will Get Tougher Than Now

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2 years ago

This is me encouraging someone today to never give up but rather stick to every plan made... if you need time to add or subtract, make sure you don't stop moving. It won't be long before you get there, I have been in doubts for many years of my potential and it has delayed a lot of blessings... why being scared when you can pursue your dreams..

There are so many instances when one efforts towards something has been put to a very critical test... you hit a block in your way and you look down on the mission ahead. Whenever that happens, think about what is there at the other end, think about the opportunities presently waiting for you, think about the inner joy you'll have.. all this things working together to keep you glued.

You are in the deep now, I can feel the pain and agony you face daily... nothing seems to hold you close anymore and you feel like it's over.. you've got to learn to hold on because the journey may just be concluding and you'd miss out if you quit now. What I will advice you to do, is go a lot further in planning and studying.. change the route if you have to, a shorter one will be find it..

And when you do, it is very easy to reach the end.. remember that nothing good comes without proper tactics. You are on earth to make a difference, so if someone has tried countless times when you do you will know how amazing you'll do.. mostly because you have been though the basic idea.

There is a difference between someone who says that there's no way to make it and one who finds every means to it.. it will get tough but cheer up and maintain. This isn't the first nor the last where such thing is going to happen.

This should be within you, what gets you going.. allow your inspiration be you, go forward with every task and also back it up with praying and you will see the ways become easier for you to walk through...

I can count so many times I gave up from what I was supposed to do because I allowed myself get carried away, we should see every obstacle as a way to get much stronger to tackle every life huddle..

At the end of the day nobody cares if you failed many times but your success, they will listen to you then.. so very important, do not let other peoples progress slow you down... you can be who they are if you revive your confidence..

Thank you for reading, I hope you do find this super helpful..

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2 years ago


Well written bro, we should have positive perspectives to life and we can achieve everything we want someday! Almighty Allah may bless us forever.

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2 years ago

Never give up budy! Cheer up we can do a lot things here on earth. Just wait for the time the will grow and get high to the top

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2 years ago