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Thoughts of the Day

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1 week ago

I was using the built in writing program from to write all of my articles but that was taking to much time so I had to get the Word app on my tablet and see how that goes. It seems like it is going to be way easier. Ok on to my thought.

I wanted to give a quick update on what is happening in the impeachment of the president of the U.S.A.

The president has been said to have started chaos in the capitol. Every time I say that I think of The Hunger Games lol. Anyways back to the facts.

These are troubling times.

The United States government is looking into impeaching the president and voting on it today.

The above article explains what exactly is going on in the United States capital. I am worried for what is to come on Inauguration Day!

On to other news. I can only talk politics for so long. It upsets my stomach in a way. At least these days it does.

The price of Crypto is settling back down and I think going to go down a little more and settle for a little bit until our next rally sometime this late summer early winter.

The Virus seems to have helped the growth of Crypto as well as the falling of the American Dollar. As we see the price of Bitcoin go up know that at the same time the value of our dollar goes down. So if you hold Crypto then good for you but if you don’t then you should think About investing a little bit of money and just putting it in a safe place. I have been thinking about buying a hardware wallet. I don’t know only time will tell for all of this but I think our best bet is to at least invest a little just in case there is a huge rise. These are just my thoughts and in no way financial advice.


The world is changing and I think it is time we try to change with it or be left in the dust.


I do not what the future hold but I am trying to stay positive and choose my right path the make my life and my family’s life full and whole. I suggest you do the same. Save every penny and invest in the things you believe in. Crypto is one of those things I believe in.

Before I go I want to let everyone know that all of this mayhem and chaos is far from over. It has been a long time since we have been to war or went through hard times but it seems those times are upon us and we need to prepare ourselves. I do not want to sound like a crazy person or anything but I believe all of this has been set in motion even before Trump was put into office. It is just crazy how he comes into office and then there is a virus, a huge hack on America, and a bunch of other stuff. This is all just bad timing of this is one of the greatest mental and physical war to even happen in the history of man. These are all of my thoughts and I have no idea they are true and I could really care less if they are or not. I just want world peace and all of that but I know that is almost impossible to achieve. Don’t hate me for what I say. I call this my Daily thoughts for a reason ; )!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my article. Remember this is my first time writing on Word on my tablet so I hope it has come out right and it was easy to read for everyone. Please take a second and give this article a like or a thumbs up and leave a comment on what you think is happening in the world right now.

I hope everyone is staying safe and helping each other get through these hard times. Hopefully things will get better soon but I would hope for the best and plan for the worst. I love all of you and I hope you have a amazing day!

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Written by   23
1 week ago
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