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6 months ago

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. I do not celebrate or believe in such a holiday but I do it for the family and it is nice to see everyone smiling and talking together instead of being on their electronics all day.

So today I wanted to talk about Roblox and the stock market. Well, I want to talk about more than that but I want to start with Roblox as the main topic for today.

This company just released its stock and seems to be doing pretty good. This is definitely a stock to hold for the long term. It has amazing potential. Once more adults see the potential in this game and what it could be used for if it was well monitored. It already has a financial system of its own made with Robux. Also, there are games like Adopt Me that allow you to trade with other players, which is teaching your kid how to trade responsibly and what things are worth in a way. So I suggest investing even a small amount in this company. All my son wants for his bday and Christmas is Robux.

On to the next topic. Coinbase is listing its stock on the market on April 14th. I think this is huge news for the Crypto world.

I am sure anyone that knows anything about Crypto knows this company. It is the biggest and most well-known Crypto wallet out there. The way the market is looking with Crypto, this company has some serious potential over the next year or two. So mark your calendar and invest a little if you have a little to invest because you have to have your money make you money. Or at least try your best to. Good luck everyone and I hope these look like good investments to you.

I learned a couple of things over the past month or so. One of the things I have learned is that you should not...I repeat do not check the market every single day when it comes to the stock market. This is normally a long-term investment and you should not be expecting and big gains immediately. Also if there are big losses you do not want to get yourself worked up and make any harsh decisions. The next thing I learned is it invest a small amount from each paycheck so if it dips you buy it low and if it goes high you kind of level out. I am in no way a pro at this so do your own research and never buy anything just because someone else says it is a good idea. Always do your own research.

Last but not least the topic of Walmart and other superstores being out of a whole bunch of things and the stores looking like the picture below! (Mostly Walmart)

My wife and I wanted to find a store that had a fun water toy for our boys. We have a Walmart literally a 2 min drive from us so we decided why not just go there. They normally have everything and if you go early enough not too many people are there. We normally try to stay away from this Walmart because it is not located in the greatest of areas. We decided to take a leap of faith and go. When we got there, the bikes were sold out, a lot of other things were sold out, and the lines were going toward the back of the store. Everything was lined up in the middle of the aisles and was looking crazy. Is this a lack of supplies or is this a lack of employees? Is this a time to be concerned? There are two superpowers pushing their way into the free world and our supplies seem to be dwindling at a slow but noticeable rate. This is just me asking questions and wondering what is going on in the world.

I am still a baby when it comes to the stock market and the way everything works. I have been sober from heroin and other drugs for a little over 6 years now. It has been a tough and interesting journey. Of course, I decide to get sober and do something with my life, and then this virus happens. It is funny how the world works sometimes.

I also wonder how they can make a vaccine for a horrible virus in no time but they are having trouble finding where it came from. Maybe they do not want us to know where it came from. These are just some of the thoughts that go through my head. I am in no way anti gov, I am just a person who likes to know the truth.

The truth is out there.


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Written by   96
6 months ago
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