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Suppose you are trying to start earning a steady and hopefully passive income through social media, Crypto, Blockchain, Crypto gaming, creating content, etc. One of the most important things that will help you accomplish and earn the most is having a routine.

What I mean by this is earning and posting the same way every day/night. The brain is a beautiful and magnificent computer. The more you do something the easier it will become. It takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit. Check out the article “How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)

As time goes on and you keep the same routine your brain will start to go on autopilot so to speak.

If you are like me, then you want to earn as much as you can and hopefully build on that over time. Earning a passive income is what I think we all truly want but to get that we need to put the work in. Once the work is done, you will start to see a slow increase in the amount you earn through referrals without having to claim anything or do anything but press the withdraw button. So it is almost passive ; ).

I have made it so I have a routine of how I earn, create/post, and check websites each day.

The true passive income will start coming after you have spread your referrals. Make sure you are doing research on the sites you are writing and creating content about. You do not want to go through all of the work of creating content and trying to spread your affiliate links and then the site shuts down.

If you can find a small amount of time to create content and try to spread your earning websites it can help you earn a small amount more over time and that amount will get bigger the more you create content. I am not saying this will happen overnight but if you are dedicated and motivated anything is possible.

I am in no way a pro at any of this. I am just sharing what I have experienced and what has worked best for me. I have noticed that most of my earnings from referrals come from blogging and creating videos. I do not have a lot of followers yet but it is growing and I am grateful!

Personally, I think a routine is key when earning and trying to create content. As I said I am not a pro and I do not have that many followers. I am slowly growing but as my parents always told me, nothing comes easy in life.

I want to share with you my routine and around how much time it takes me to do this. I do not make a ton from this yet but the amount is slowly growing and I am hoping it will at least bring me a small amount to save every month which in time will hopefully improve my family’s livelihood.

My Routine in a nutshell

When I first started earning Crypto I started by just claiming from one site. The first site I can ever remember using was Coinpot. This website was one of the best-earning sites that were available at the time.

As time went on I started adding more websites. I started to realize I could make money from doing this. Then I started noticing that you could earn a decent amount by referring people to these earning sites. This is when I started sharing articles and trying to make videos. Now at first, you are not going to be good at all, but nowadays there are AI websites such as Pictory and Wisecut that help you edit your videos and there are free easy to understand video editing software such as CapCut.

As time goes on you will start to create better content and slowly start building a small number of affiliates.

Blogging and Video Creation

When I started creating blogs and videos I was only creating one a week because I had no idea what I was doing and it was taking some time to understand editing and the best websites to post.

I normally post in the morning or early afternoon. This gives me the rest of the day to work on new content or get some needed things done around the house.

Here is a short list of the websites I post on and why I use them.


Medium — Medium is my main blogging site. It will stay this way because I earn the most blogging on Medium. Now when I first started it was not this way. You need to have at least 100 followers to start earning money from your articles. This will take time but like I said, patience and dedication. It took me a long time to have the followers I have on Medium and I am proud of my Blog and think of it as an accomplishment that I have achieved but will never be complete if that makes sense.

PublishOX — The second spot I post on is PublishOX. This site is one of the best Crypto blogging sites out at the moment. You can earn AMPL and ETH just from reading or writing articles. You can withdraw to Kucoin when you reach $0.50.

G’day Fam — This is another great blogging website. This G’day Fam lets you earn XRP from blogging.

Blogger — I have just started using Blogger not that long ago. You can earn from putting ads on your blogging website. It is a little complicated but once you go through the process it is not that bad. I am actually still in the process of waiting for my ads to be put on the website. It says it can take up to 2 weeks to go through so if I can ever figure it out I will write an article about it.

Stacker news — Stacker News is an awesome blogging and sharing website that focuses on the Bitcoin Lightning network. It also allows you to tip and receive tips through the Bitcoin Lighting network. I would suggest only posting about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning-related content. I have tried to post my articles there and some of the people there can be rude. — is a place where you used to be able to earn BCH from blogging. Ever since the release of Chat GPT they had to stop the tipping process because the platform was being flooded with AI written content. is still a great place to get your content seen and noticed.


YouTube — Of course, everyone knows YouTube. You will need to post to YouTube to be able to get your videos and articles seen by more people. Even if you just start making short videos to add to your articles will make a big difference.

Ecency (DTube) — Ecenecy is a blogging and interacting website that allows you to earn HIVE. If you are not into blogging then you can use DTube. DTube is a video hosting platform that runs on the HIVE Blockchain.


When posting your content you might have trouble finding the time to post to all of these and have the time to check on all of your earning websites but be patient and consistent and over time it will come more naturally. It takes me around 30 minutes to an hour to post my blogs and videos to all of the platforms I use.

Faucets, Earning Websites, and Gaming

Faucets are websites that allow you to earn small amounts of Crypto for your attention. Either by completing a captcha, surveys, offer walls, and PTC sections. You will not earn a ton of Crypto from these but they are a great way to get your foot in the door of Crypto and the more people you have sign up using the links from your blogs and videos the more passive your daily earnings become.

Here is a list of the faucets I use and the order I use them.

FaucetPay — FaucetPay is the gateway to earning through most of the faucets out. Not all but most of the faucets and Crypto earning sites allow you to withdraw to FaucetPay which allows you to have a lower withdrawal minimum on most earning sites. FaucetPay also has a faucet list, PTC section, and their own Crypto called FEY. If you would like to know more about FaucetPay then check out the YouTube video I made about it. FaucetPay just had a huge update which I think made the website even better.

CryptoWin — CryptoWin is one of my favorite earning websites. It does not pay the most but it is the easiest to use and has a great referral system. It has a faucet you can claim from every 15 minutes which allows you to earn anywhere from 1 to 6 sats per claim. This number tends to change and get higher or lower depending on what the price of Bitcoin is that day.

FaucetCrypto — FaucetCrypto has been around for a while. It is not the highest-paying faucet out there but it is one of the safest and allows you to withdraw from multiple different types of Crypto.

Cointiply — Cointiply is a big-name earning website in the Crypto world. If there is any website you should be earning from it should be Cointiply. Cointiply has a faucet that allows you to claim very hour. A reward system, PTC, and much more.

Coinpot — This is not the same Coinpot I was talking about earlier. This is a new one. It does not pay the highest but it is another safe site that pays out every time. If they are out of a certain type of coin when you try to withdraw then try a different one.

CoinPayz — CoinPayz is another one of my favorite earning websites. You can claim from a faucet every 5 minutes and you start off earning around 3 sats. CoinPayz has a Login bonus that boosts your claims. So the amount you earn will slowly go up over time. — is a newer earning site. It has a faucet that allows you to claim every 15 minutes and earn around 3 sats per claim. This is not my favorite earning site but it is safe and it pays.

EarnBitMoon — EarnBitMoon is an easy-to-use faucet and earning site that allows you to claim from a faucet every 5 minutes. The earnings amount is not a lot but it is worth it over time.

VieFaucet — VieFaucet is a fairly new faucet but it has been a great addition to my other earning websites. It allows you to claim from a faucet every 4 minutes and you earn 3 sats per claim at first. I say at first because VieFaucet has a login earning multiplier. So the more days you come to the site and earn the higher your claim amount will be.

Fautsy — Fautsy is not the highest-paying faucet by far. You can claim between 1 and 2 sats every 10 minutes. This is not a lot but it adds up over time and the faucet is another safe way to claim small amounts of BTC every day.

Lootup — Lootup is another great earning platform. To be honest I make around $1 and if I am lucky around $2. I could make a ton more but the only thing I do is use their free spin a day to win free money. Lootup also allows you to earn through surveys, offer walls, and a bunch of other easy ways.

adBTC — adBTC is a rewarding PTC website. This website allows you to earn anywhere from 24 to 3 sats per ad click. This is a great earning site and allows you to earn a decent amount of BTC but there is a catch when it comes to this website. You have to stick to the ads that are worth 5 sats or higher. I have noticed that if I stick with these I will be brought to legit websites. If I click the cheaper paying ads that are 3.5 sats I will be brought to a good majority of malicious websites. Just a quick tip if you decide to use this website.

CoinPayU — CoinPayU has been around for a while now. They have just recently added a blogging section where you can earn small tips of Bitcoin. If you are looking for a good earning site then CoinPayU is definitely worth checking out. It is safe and has a huge PTC section and faucet you can earn from.

NeoBux — I have just recently started using NeoBux. You can earn from their PTC section, surveys, and a couple of other ways. The only downside to NeoBux is you can not withdraw until you reach $2. I am sure this would come to a lot faster for me but I am only using the PTC section at the moment.

Global Hive — Global Hive is one of the best and easiest earning sites I have come across. You can claim free ZEC once a day and every day you claim the amount you earn goes up for a login bonus. Free ZEC? Cant go wrong there.

Blockchain Gaming

I know there are a bunch of bigger and better Blockchain games out there but I am just focusing on these at the moment. They are fun and you do not need to spend to much time with them if you do not want to.

PipeFlare — PipeFlare is one of my favorite Play to Earn websites out there. Not only can you earn Crypto from playing games but they have a faucet for ZEC, MATIC, and the official PipeFlare token called 1FLR that you can claim once a day and the amount you claim goes up the more days you are consistent in claiming.

Rollercoin — Rollercoin is another fun, play to earn website. This website will not get you rich in any way and it will probably take you a while before you can withdraw your first earnings but it is fun and a good way to have fun and watch your Mining farm grow. The site is constantly updating and adding new features. You can earn BTC, ETH, DOGE, Binance, Polygon, and much more.

WomPlay — WomPlay has been around for a little while now and has been fun and rewarding. WomPlay has a bunch of different games you can play either on your phone, computer, or tablet and you earn Wombucks. You can then exchange those Wombucks into EOS. Depending on how many games you play every day this is a good way to get a decent amount back just for playing games. You get paid every 7 days.

So how much can you earn?

These numbers are based on a monthly earning amount.

From my posting on social platforms — $60

Earning from faucets and PTC sites — $20

Earning from Play to Earn — $3

Every Month is different though. My normal earning amount is roughly around $40 to $50 a month. A lot of this is thanks to Medium. I earn an extra $10 to $30 a month just from Medium. It is crazy to think I started off just making a couple of cents a day when I first started trying to earn Crypto through blogging and earning sites. This is why I think it is so important to have a routine and to stay consistent. It is going to take a while to get over 100 followers on Medium but if you focus and dedicate a little time every day then anything is possible.

Final Thoughts

I know this might seem like a lot but once you start using it consistently it becomes easier. It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour depending on if I decide to do any PTC or spend any extra time on any website. I think the time I spend on creating content and using these earning sites is an investment in my family’s future.

Think about it. Even if you earn just a couple of dollars a month that is extra money you can put towards investing in some of your favorite Crypto projects. Not all of us have the funds to invest so we need to improvise and find ways to invest in our future in other ways.

I hope this has helped you understand how easy it is to earn Crypto once you have set up a routine and use your free time to go after something that could possibly change your life in the future. You never know if it will work out unless you dedicate the time to try. Never be afraid to go for something.

I hope everyone has been enjoying my content. I know most of my content is a little dry and not very exciting but I am getting better as time goes on. I am hoping in the next couple of years it will all be worth it.

“Knowledge itself is power” — Sir Francis Bacon

Thank you for reading my article Routine = Return!

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