Nodle Network - Making Your Phone a Node

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What is Nodle Network?

Nodle Network is a decentralized network of nodes that run on blockchain technology. Each node is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the ledger and verifying transactions. Nodes are rewarded for their work by being paid in NODL tokens. In 2017, Micha Benoliel and Garrett Kinsman founded the Nodle Network. Nodle is a wireless network that is working toward connecting and helping create the IoT (internet of things).

How does Nodle work?

All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth and location in your phone’s settings and start earning Nodle Cash. It’s that simple.

You earn Nodle Cash when your phone connects and collects data from IoT devices and sensors using Bluetooth Low Energy. The information is then sent back to the owner of the IoT device. Your personal data is not shared with the owner.

To better understand, there are increasingly more and more IoT devices with sensors all around us which need to transfer data back to their owners, but only have Bluetooth radios in them (e.g. no WiFi or LTE). The Nodle Cash app uses the Bluetooth radio in your phone to connect to these IoT devices as you walk by and securely transfers the IoT data from Bluetooth to LTE to whatever company owns the IoT device (e.g. e-Scooter, pet with a tracking device, cargo with a sensor). The app tracks how much data your phone transfers for the IoT device(s) and awards your account with Nodle Cash accordingly. The amount of each award is dependent on many variables such as the quality of the connection, how much data is transferred, the 'value' of the IoT device in question, and more.

Nodle will be adding more features in the future. exciting times are ahead! - source

Why should I use Nodle?

You should use Nodle if you want to earn rewards and be a part of a one-of-a-kind project. You can earn rewards by running a node on your phone and helping collect information. There are projects out there such as Helium that allow you to earn by mining but you need to buy a special device and that device can cost you a pretty penny. With Nodle your phone is your device. It is best to use an extra phone that you have so you can keep the app running at all times but you can use your main phone and open it throughout the day to get your rewards.

Soon there will be the option to stake your NODL. I am looking forward to this because I want my Crypto working for me and helping me make more.

Where can I get started?

If you would like to check out Nodle then go to their web page and you can find more information about this Blockchain project. You can also download the app on iPhone and Android devices.

Is Nodle free?

Yes, Nodle is completely free! There are no fees associated with running a node. You actually earn money running a node on your phone and do not have to buy any extra parts or subscriptions. Your information is safe and Nodle barely uses any of your phone's batteries. The Nodle app only uses around 1 to 3% of your phone's battery throughout the day.

Can I withdraw and Exchange my Nodle Cash?

Yes, you can withdraw and exchange. NODL can be exchanged on Kraken, Huobi, Mercado Bitcoin, and Ripio. Hopefully, as time goes on there will be more exchanges you can use. NODL is worth US$0.003799 at the time of writing this article.

I want to be honest about this app. If you do not have an extra phone you can use that you can leave on then you will not make that much money. For a while, I would just open the app once a day at the end of the day and I would make around 0.55274447999 worth of Nodle. That is not even a penny a day which is not acceptable. I have let the app run on my phone all day and made a decent amount. It will not make you rich but it could turn into a decent amount every month and you can then exchange your earnings into one of your favorite Crypto projects or you can save it in hopes of NODL becoming worth more.

I plan on holding my NODL because I believe as time goes on there will be more ways to use your NODL and I think this project has an amazing idea and could be worth way more in the future. Like I said above they will be allowing staking in the not-so-distant future and I think this is what I will be doing with the NODL I have earned.

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