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Telsa has decided to invest 1.5 Billion Dollars! To put that in perspective. All of the bitcoin in the world is worth 41 billion at the moment. Is this going to pump the price up the $100,000 mark? Are other Crypto going to follow suit and we see record highs for almost all Crypto?! This is a huge investment and something that I think will change the future of Crypto for the better and make it used even more. Also Tesla is saying that they are expecting to be able to accept Bitcoin as payment in the near future.

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This could be the news the Crypto world has been waiting for. Today Bitcoin has hit another ATH (All Time High) at $44,900. This is just the beginning folks. So if you are holding Crypto then I would hold on with all of your might because what you have is worth more then gold and here soon is going to be one of the worlds hottest things and wanted by everyone.

Do not forget the Executive order President Biden just passed about being all green when it comes to cars. Bitcoin and Tesla are the things to invest in right now. At least this is what I am going to be investing in. Not only Bitcoin but any Crypto I think is going to fly up in price in the coming months. This is in no way financial advice but just my thoughts on the market and what I plan on doing with my money I have been saving.

Just the news of Tesla investing in Bitcoin and in the near future maybe accepting it as a form of payment is going to bump these prices up because it is going to bring in even more investers and every day people trying to get a piece of the pie. People have no idea what the price of Bitcoin can get to. I think this latest news is going to show us just what Crypto is made of.

It is crazy the amount of influence a person and his company can have on the world. One mention of Doge from Elon Musk and the price sky rockets. Anytime this man seems to open his mouth and speak anything involving stocks or crypto you start to see the green in a major way. I wonder if he knows the amount of influence he has on the world and I wonder if he has good intentions or if he is just like the majority of the 1% using people like me for there play things. Lets hope he is one of the good ones. I know he has been good for my wallet these past couple of months ; ).

Everything happening in the markets are having people lose there shit. People that have not had a lot of money are flooded with money while some people who were used to living luxury and having it all have lost everything. Is this a shift in financial power. One can only speculate what is really going on in the market and with this so called accident of a virus but we will all never really know. We all just know things are changing. We can see it. We can feel it in our guts. Something is happening and no one knows the outcome and that is what is really scary.

I have faith in our Government and think they are going to get things in order. I think that Joe Biden is doing a good Job and is on top of it. At least he is always letting the people know whats up and not playing gold all of the time when he is supposed to be figuring out ways to help the little people. If that Orange gets back into office I just have one thing to say....Stock up. He will cause the next world war, but hey who am I. Do not get mad at me for my beliefs please. I normally keep to myself and do not speak what I am thinking but things are getting crazy. I have never felt more out of control with my life then when he was leading this country.

Anyways lets get off the topic of politics. I do not want people to start talking crazy just because I believe something in some type of way. This is why we are the greatest country in the world. We can voice our opinion. I believe in people and being a good person. Helping your neighbor, that type of stuff. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

Lets get to some brighter news. Did everyone see that has raised there fund recently to $1,062,757.93! This is amazing news for the community and the contributers! I am pretty sure this means that there are more people on the site and more people investing and helping the site grow. I love watching this site grow because I have been with it for a long time and believe in it. Before I met this site I loved writing but barely did it because of lack of motivation. This site pays me for my articles and actually makes my hobby bring in a small income. This site is beautiful and is really there for us. I never really had a voice until I met this site. Thank you! I can not wait to see what the next couple of years bring. The next thing I want to learn about is getting sponsored by someone. I know my writing needs work but I would make this my life if I could. I am not sure how to go about finding sponsors but if anyone out there knows please leave me a comment and let me know.

It is looking more and more like we will be recieving $1,400 in stimulus money in the next couple of months. Maybe even sooner. I am wondering why our amounts were so small before. Also they are talking about giving family's $3,000 a year per kid? This seems to be one of the best stimulus packages for the little people. I am just a little concerned what this is going to do to our economy and the price for every day items. With all of this money just being printed and pushed out into the markets wont the price for things just keep going up higher and higher until things are almost impossible to buy unless you are one of the rich people. I wonder how we are going to help this from not happeing. I wonder how our president is going to change the big divide in wealth. I think the future is going to have a lot of things people have never dealt with before. This is not financial advice but I think that when they give out all of that money I am going to just stick it somewhere safe and let it get a nice APY for the next ten years so I can retire. Last time I saw a stimulus check go out I saw people at walmart buying flat screen tv's and game consoles and stuff like that. It is sad our school systems do not teach how to save and spend your money. That subject is for another time. I am sure you guys/girls have had about enough reading my thoughts so I am going to head on out of here and spend time with the children. I love you all and hope the future is bright for each and every one of you!

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Maybe you're right or wrong!?. Based on his announcement itself. Elon knows that by that time the buyers(demand) will high. So for that it is easy and more money for him to come when the time it reaches an all time high to sell.

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