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People are starting to realize that our privacy and security are some of the most important things right now. Every day more companies and governments are trying to intrude on our browsing and how we interact on the internet. Blockchain technology has the power to give people back their privacy. Mysterium is a company that is taking a swing at these privacy issues. Giving the people back their privacy. Keep reading and I am going to tell you why this Blockchain project is the future of decentralization.

What is Mysterium and how does it work?

"In 2017, the idea of a decentralized VPN was born with the launch of headquarters in Switzerland. The token creation of Mysterium also took place in 2017. Later in 2021, the platform began its evolution into an ecosystem with a new aim." - Source

Mysterium is a VPN service that is different than your normal VPN service. This service is permissionless and is run on a peer-to-peer network. This means that when you use the Mysterium VPN your traffic is not going through just one company that has the power to store your data and do with it as they please.

Mysterium uses nodes to make sure your traffic is secure, safe, and not visible to anyone. The way this works is instead of your traffic and data filtering through one company it gets pieced apart and filtered through multiple different computers that are running the Mysterium node.

How do you earn MYST?

It is extremely easy to earn MYST actually. If you have an extra computer, RasperryPI, Datacenter, Dapp node, or AVADO box then you are ready to earn.

All you need to do is download the Mysterium node and get it set up to start filtering traffic through your node.

By running a node you are helping the Mysterium VPN stay active. By doing this you will earn around $25 a month in MYST. Your earnings are sent to your External wallet automatically when they reach 5 MYST. You can also initiate a manual withdrawal by clicking the “Settle now” button in the NodeUI dashboard.

By running a Mysterium node you are able to earn an extra $300 a year! This is a great way to earn extra Crypto and to be able to help keep decentralization alive.

The pros of Mysterium

Running a node for Mysterium is helping people stay truly free when surfing the internet. Your normal VPN is great but these companies have been known to store data and sell it to the highest bidder.

How FREE VPNs Sell Your Data

Mysterium allows your data to truly be decentralized. Data is not stored on any main servers. Your data is spread throughout nodes which makes it impossible for people, companies, or governments to collect your data and sell it or use it against you.

The cons of Mysterium

Mysterium Network launched its mainnet on Ethereum and Polygon on November 2021. This means that it is fairly new. I know this is not a bad thing but what it does mean is that it is fairly new and no one knows where this project will go. I personally think this is a revolutionary type of VPN and one of the best ideas for a project I have come across so far.

When downloading the node, your computer's virus software might tell you that it blocked the download because it is from an unknown, or too new to trust software or company. This is going to make a lot of people not want to use the service because people want trusted companies to use on their computer. Especially if they are downloading it onto one of their main computers.

I have not run across any problems yet. If you do decide to try out Mysterium I suggest putting it on a Raspberry PI or a computer you do not use and do not have any personal information on. I think Mysterium is safe but it is always good to take precautions when using a new project.


Our privacy and personal data are extremely important. We should not have to worry about our information being infringed upon but we do. The only way to create a free and trustless environment for everyone is by providing resources for the collective.

Without connecting and sharing resources we are no match for these major companies that promise freedom and privacy but normally do not follow through with their promises.

Mysterium is a way to create true digital freedom. Instead of your data going through a company's servers and then encrypted, your data ends up being dispersed throughout multiple different nodes and being encrypted. This way your data is not collected by any one company or server. Your data has been pieced apart and sent to multiple different places to be encrypted. This is what makes Mysterium the best VPN service available. True encryption and true security.

Watch anything, search anything, and do anything without worrying your data is being collected and sold to the highest bidder.

"The US Congress has allowed ISPs to sell data about users and their online activities to anyone interested. ISPs say this information will be anonymized, but the idea is still unnerving. A report from the FTC paints a damning picture of ISPs intruding on customer privacy." - Source

Now just because you are using a VPN does not mean all of your data is secure. If you truly want to stay off the radar and make it so your data can no way be connected to you then I suggest using a computer that has no connection to you, not signed into any of your accounts such as google, apple, Microsoft, etc. Also not using your personal wifi connection.

Check out my website for more ways to earn, learn, and invest in Crypto.

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Written by   281
2 months ago
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