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Earning Crypto Has Never Been Easier

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2 months ago

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and I hope everyone is ready for another learning and earning article.

Crypto has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream but every day gets us a little closer. I have a feeling we will see a lot of projects fail but also a lot of projects are going to reach prices we never thought were possible. This is why we should all work together and help each other learn and earn about various projects.

Earning Crypto has never been easier. I remember when I first started there were only a few sites that were worth it. I remember trying to tell people about Bitcoin and no one wanted to talk about it. I am sure everyone remembers Coinpot. That was the best-earning site out at the time. Every time you claimed you got 100 sats. Back then I could not earn as I do now because I was just getting my life back together but I wish I would have stuck with it because I would have earned so much. I ended up earning a decent amount but nowhere near what I could have earned if I was doing it as I do now. Now when you go to earning sites you make 1 to 10 sats per claim. This is why I am trying to show people what sites are the best. Once Crypto has its next big price jump earning sites will be giving out amounts in decimals.

No one believed me before that Crypto is going to explode but now that I have a small voice online I want to let people know that it is not an if but a when Crypto prices go back up. While prices are down it is the best time to start earning Crypto.

It is hard, actually impossible to find sites that pay as well as Coinpot these days but there are still good earning sites out there and if you use them right then you can earn yourself a decent amount every week to put towards your future. Every bit counts. No one knows the future of Crypto but I have a feeling we are going to see some major price changes in the future.

I have been sharing sites for a while now and I try to do my best to find the highest paying and the most trustworthy earning sites out at the moment. It is easy to find earning sites but it is not easy to know if they are legit and safe. This is why I have made it my goal to find and share the best sites out there.

This next site I am going to share with everyone has been around for a while now. It is one of the oldest sites I have been using and is easy to use. It is not your typical earning site. This site allows you to earn by writing, reading, and tipping other people's content.

Before I share this site with you I have to stress to everyone to always have decent virus software and use the Brave browser for all of your earning sites. I am not telling you this because the site I am about to share is bad but earning Crypto can lead you to some questionable sites. This is why it is always safe to have good virus software and to use Brave Browser. Brave Browser has a built-in shield and also allows you to earn BAT while you are earning from the sites you use. If you do not use Brave then I suggest clicking the link and checking it out. They stopped their referral program but I still think it is worth letting people know about it because it is a must-have when earning Crypto online.

The site I want to share with you is called PublishOX. This is one of the highest-paying earning sites out right now and allows you to earn a decent amount every day by writing and reading. I made a video about this site below because I thought it would be easier to show you what it is about instead of writing about it.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I am working on making my videos better so any ideas or thoughts you might have is appreciated. I know I am a little monotoned but I am working on that and trying to make my videos more enjoyable and fun to watch. I need to break out of my shell a little bit but I am hoping as time goes on I will get better in front of the camera.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this article and if you have please like and follow for more content.

My next article will be coming out soon which is about another great Crypto blogging site you can earn Crypto by blogging and interacting on the website.

Check out my website for more content and other ways to earn Crypto.

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Written by   264
2 months ago
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