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Earn, HODL, Repeat

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1 year ago

I hope you have enjoyed my previous articles and have had the chance to make some Bits. If you ever have any problems with the sites or links I send you to please share them in the comments. I want everyone to know of any issues so we can all be as safe as possible. From what I can tell though is that all of the sites I share are safe and easy to use.

I believe that everyone who HODL's their Crypto will not be disappointed. It is easy for your emotions to take over and have you making big mistakes. I know what you are thinking though - "but the market is so volatile what if I lose it all". This is a common fear by a lot of people and my only advice for this is if you can't afford to lose it then do not invest it. That goes for any investment, not just Crypto.

For the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of checking out my fair share of earning opportunities. So I am here to point you in the right direction.

This article I want to talk about is mostly a PTC (Point To Click) site. I normally try to stay away from these as much as I can, but this one caught my attention and I use it every morning.

Let us dive into our next earning opportunity.

This next site I want to share with you is called CoinPayU! This is another high-paying PTC/Faucet.

CoinPayU has a clean site layout and I have run it through some virus tests and everything is good. You can make around 1500 satoshi a week which equals out to be around 200 satoshi a day. It seems slow at first but ends up being worth it at the end of the week when you withdraw.

CoinPayU is my top PTC site with a faucet. Normally sites are faucets that have a PTC section on the website but this one is mostly PTC. These types of sites are good because they normally pay more than your normal faucet.

As you can see the homepage is very well laid out and smooth. It is easy to get accustomed to, which makes it easier for normal people who are not really informed on Crypto, able to be a part of Crypto. I know when I first started getting into Crypto everything was like a different language to me. This site takes away the hard part and makes it easier for the everyday person to hold a little Crypto.

Above you can see the different types of PTC offers they have on CoinPayU. I like to use the surf ads the most because you can have them going in the background while you do other activities to earn more Crypto.

CoinPayU's PTC section is easy to use as well and pays fairly well as you can see. There are normally 4 or 5 pages like this every morning I wake up. Throughout the day it gets updated with new links as well. So there is a lot of earning opportunity just in the PTC section.

Remember always use virus protection because CoinPayU might be safe but some of the sites might not be. I have not had this problem yet but it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is also a faucet section that pays around 1.7 satoshis every hour, if you can remember to do it every hour that is lol. Even if you can only do it once a day that still will add to your account balance and get you closer to the withdrawal limit. As you can see you have a lot of other coins to choose from for their faucet.

CoinPayU has just added a fun little thing. It is called Catch a Cat. If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram they will show codes where you can earn a little more every day.

Nothing crazy and very easy to use. You can make 50 satoshis every time but if you get the best one I think you can make 500. Do that once a day and that equals out to roughly 1500 a month extra.

Last but not least let me go over the withdrawal process.

As you can see you can withdrawal a lot of different Crypto. If you want to withdrawal Bitcoin to any other address other than your FaucetPay you will have you wait till you have 11,000 and that will probably take a while. So I suggest just withdrawing to your FaucetPay account and then withdrawal from there.

The min. withdrawal amount is 2000 which takes around 1 week to get if you do not have any referrals and you are just doing it every morning. That is a little extra every week. Also, remember that it might seem like a little bit right now but we have no idea what will happen in the future. I believe that all of this work will be worth it and it could change your life one day. Maybe I am thinking too much. I have a problem with doing that.


I hope you have enjoyed my article, and take the time to check out the site. It is nothing crazy but it definitely helps you earn a little Crypto to HODL for the future.

If you have enjoyed my article please remember to Like/Comment/Subscribe for more! I try to post at least 2 to 3 times a week. I am trying to do as much as I can so everyone can find the best and safest ways to earn.

Be safe out there and when you have enough money I suggest investing in a hardware wallet. Technology is getting advanced faster than we can imagine. What happens when that exchange you trust and love so much gets hacked and you have no way of getting your money. You need to have your seed phrase or you do not own your Crypto. If they get hacked you are screwed.

Write down your seed phrase and put it somewhere safe, do not, I repeat DO NOT take a screenshot of it!

Good luck everyone on your Journey on earning and saving for a brighter future!



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Written by   280
1 year ago
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