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The mystery about the compound eye of some insects.

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2 years ago

"Layer upon layer of perfectly ordered structures".This is how I describe the compound eyes of many insects.

The compound eyes of many insects,such as the honey bee and the dragonfly,is made up of the multiple optical units,each of which points in a different direction.The images produced by the individual lenses combine to Create a wide mosaic view that is superb in identifying movements.

Scientists are exploring ways to mimic the compound eyes I insects in order to make high speed motion detectors and ultra thin multi directional cameras.There could have a variety of applications.One use could be medical .For example,to pass inside the stomach.These proposed medical device is described as a tiny system that can be swallowed by the patient.Once inside the stomach,the device rather gathers in formation with its compound eyes and then communicates it wirelessly.

A team of bioengineers has already developed an artificial compound eye with more than 8,500lenses that fit into a space no larger than a pinhead.This technology however,pales insignificant when compared to the compound eye found in the insect world.The Dragon fly for instance has about 30000 optical units in each eye.

Ask yourself:'Did this optical marvel,the multifaceted eye of insects,come about by chance?or was it designed?

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