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Introducing PI Network To A Lame Man's Uderstanding

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PI is a new crypto currency for and by ordinary people that you can mine on your phone. Crypto currency is a new form of digital currency that is maintained and secured by a community rather than governments or banks. Today you can mine PI network by hoping and developing PI network of trust. While most crypto currencies like Euthereum have been very difficult to access and used by ordinary people,pi puts the power of crypto currencies in the palm of your hands.


PI network is not a scam. This is a real effort by a team of Stanford graduates to give people everyday access to crypto currency.

The core team of pi is led by two professionals and an MBA from Stanford community. However we promised to make our shared dreams come true,while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

How can you earn pi

You can earn pi by making simple contributions to the pi community..To start earning, you have visit the pi network app and press a button to start mining. You have to show up in e sry 24 hours. Once you start working in the mines, you can increase your hourly rate by inviting friends. After three days of mining you can increase your earnings by setting your circle of safety which contributes to the overall network security.

Remember,the first members earn at a higher rate than newly registered members.


Today pi is worth around zero dollars just like how bitcoin was way back in 2008.The value of pi will be sustained by the time, attention and goods and services, offered by other members of the network.

By pooling their attention, around a common crypto currency, pi members seek to capture more of the value that especially goes to the bank

And other intermediaries.

Thank you

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Written by   17
1 year ago
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