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Cain and Abel's Sacrifices 103

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2 years ago

God does not need any gift from man but Faith and Trust in what He promised to do for our sake through the promised Savior whom He foretold wikk suffer...because the wages of sin is death and death demands life. God's justice requires that the guilty sinner must die. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. However, God's grace and mercy allowed that a substitute can die in man's place. Without a substitute, man will die for his sins for sin must be paid with death.

But who will die as a substitute for man? God's promise indicate that the promised Savior who will be born seed of a woman will fulfill God's promised Salvation to mankind.

So, Cain's unbelief displeased God, for without Faith in God's promise and revealed way, there is no way where man can be forgiven and accepted by God. Forgiveness is not a matter of forgetting sin. Justice requires that sin must be paid for. And the payment for sin is death. So...the Lord God rejected Cain because of unbelief. In totality, it was a wrong and unacceptable sacrifice to God. Cain sinned even in his seeking for forgiveness. Cain still loved sin and he did not hate his sin. His anger towards God indicated this to be so. Sin is not doing what is right and not having faith in what God says.

God, however, warned Cain about sin because God still loved him. God wanted Cain to change his mind and listen to what He says because what God says is Truth and the loving God was not willing that Cain would be lost because of sin. God warned that sin was about to control his heart, however, Cain did not listen to God.

The end in this episode.

I will continue the story next time again.

Any thought?

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