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2 years ago

Social relations are strengthened by a person's being himself. No one likes to be deceived, and pretensions are shallow and usually easily detected. Some people spend all their time pretending to be someone they are not. Most people have undesirable qualities, but they can cultivate the right qualities. Consideration, generosity, cleanliness, neatness, tolerance, unselfishness, optimism, humor, enthusiasm, and vitality are attractive qualities in any person. On the other hand, some qualities which repel others are: jealousy, irritability, rudeness, temper, air of superiority, vulgarity, irreverence, lack of appreciation, insincerity and untidiness.

No person is perfect, and everyone makes mistake. Rather than denying the mistake or casting blame on someone else, integrity requires that the mistake be admitted and an apology be given. Honesty and straightforwardness bring respect.

A person should not be interested only in attracting friends but in being a person who is worthy of other people's friendship. Single young people may engage in lascivious living, but they do not want to establish a permanent relationship in marriage with such unworthy partners. However, many fail to consider that their promiscuous living makes them unworthy of a desirable marriage companion.

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Well said Liked your article Check my new article

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2 years ago

Thank you, and yes I did visit your article and put some comment on it and subscribe to you too, its your turn now. God bless

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2 years ago