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[WP] You were born with the ability to read books/documents fully with just a touch of your palm. One day, you bump into someone dressed in black, dropping their documents. You help them, but couldn't help yourself, and read the documents. Your brain suddenly short-circuits and you blackout.

“For the next question, Luke.” 

A skinny boy with thick-rimmed glasses stood from his seat, his eyes scanning the room as if he was taking in all the expectant gazes that landed on him. “Yes ma’am. What would be the question?”

“define an allotrope” 

His gaze fell on the book on his desk, just as his hands lightly grazed over the book cover “An allotrope is a different form of one element. For example: there’s carbon but its allotropes are graphite, diamond, sometimes graphene if it gets processed into thin sheets.” 

“Very good. Is petroleum an allotrope of carbon?” 

He shook his head almost immediately upon hearing the question “No ma’am. Petroleum is a combination of many other organic materials so it has different atoms linked to it. Having different substituents does not make it an allotrope at all and the fact that petroleum isn’t a pure substance makes it more questionable.”

“Brilliant! Your previous teachers were right about you, young man” A wide grin crossed Ms. Jackson’s lips as she gestured for him to take a seat. “I hope to have more discussions with you in the future, Luke” 

The rest of the 11th grade chemistry period passed by in a breeze and soon enough, the school bell rang. Luke wasted no time packing his books before heading off to the bus stop. 

This grade is going to be boring again, was what he thought as he boarded the bus. 

“Are you sure this kid is what we need for this mission?” From a distance, A woman in her mid 20s stood across the street. She was fixated on Luke who had just boarded the bus.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on this kid for a while now. He has some sort of powers that would surely save us a lot of time” 

“Okay, okay. I got it. I just hope you plan to train this kid.” With a sigh, he dropped the intercom and followed the bus. 

The bus reached its second stop and from there, the boy got off and walked to a seemingly normal looking household. Nothing seemed particularly off, nor anything special. Just a house, missing parents that are probably at work, no pets. It didn’t seem like the boy invited people over either. As M was taking her time observing the house, the door opened and Luke was off again.

“What are you up to after school, kid?” She muttered to herself as she trailed after him. 

A few blocks off, she was led to a library. It didn’t seem suspicious to her at all. a lonely kid, loves books. What's so special about him? As she entered the library, she noticed that he already had a stack of books right next to him. All of them were history books. And in front of him was an extremely thick book which he was writing on. What was he… writing?

“Excuse me, miss” She whispered while approaching the librarian at the front desk. “I’m new in town and I was hoping to get a library card” She acted as promptly as possible. 

“I’ll need to borrow an I.D. Card so I can put in your information, miss” The librarian seemed nice as she readied the documents for M.

Who would she be for this mission? That was her thoughts as she grabbed her card book and scanned through the fake cards in it. She would be sweet Marnie this time. That was her decision as she pulled the fake driver’s license out and handed it to the librarian. 

“Ah, Marnie Stewart? That’s a sweet name.” The librarian still kept her smile as she typed in the information.

“I’m curious, who’s that kid over there? He seems smart.” 

“Oh Luke? He’s my regular here. Always writing and reading something in that corner of his. He’s a sweet boy though.” 

“Always with that huge pile? Is that homework or something?” 

“I don’t think so? He never brings homework here, he just reads. Go talk to him if you’d like. I'm sure it would do him good to talk to someone else aside from me” With that, the librarian handed M her library card. “Welcome to Stratford’s public library! I hope you keep me and Luke over there company often during your stay here” 

“I’ll make sure to” After getting her card and a few pamphlets, she headed to the shelves, scanning to see if there were history books related to what Luke was reading. Once she found one, she took out a book, she seated herself across the boy.

“You seem to be busy over there” 

A startled Luke looked up at M and immediately, he covered up his notes with his hands. “I- Sorry, I was preoccupied” He smiled shyly all while keeping his things. “You’re new here. Hello” His eyes fell on the book with her. Stratford history. “Oh, were you planning to read these too?” 

M just shook her head as she placed the book down. “I was actually curious about you. What’s a kid your age doing in the library?” 

“I just like reading” He said with a shrug of his shoulders while keeping the books.

“I’ll help you with that” She smiled and stood up, consequently knocking over the documents she tucked in the book. 

“I’ll help you get that” Without a thought, Luke crouched down, but as soon as his hand made contact with the book, shock was evident on his face. And in a matter of minutes, he had just dropped unconscious. 

“I got him, E” M muttered to the intercom while she crouched down to pretend she was checking on him. 

I kind of enjoyed the plot a bit so here I am with a long as story I'm still not sure how I'll finish XD

I think I have writer's block after all


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