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1 year ago

Hi Hiiiii look who's back XD I lack the consistency to be everywhere anymore ;;n;; Why is it so hard to keep up being active online. Oh well ;;-;;

Over the weekends, I initially planned to do a bunch of stuff like cleaning, drafting, doing a bunch of food prep for the week. It was a way to catch up on my crypto activity too, apparently fate had other plans XD I was originally working on 2 pieces. One was this medusa piece then the other was for the 3emoji challenge in art park.

I started with the medusa piece, but knowing me... once I start something... I do tend to finish it, especially if the progression goes smoothly. So for this weekend, I present to you my take on medusa

Materials: Black liquid ink, rainbow pen, green and orange markers

Duration: 3.5 hours

Progression shots:

Medusa is a character of greek mythology. A mythical creature in a sense since she was turned to a gorgon with a head of snakes. While exploring the lore though, I found a lot of alterations done on her story.

In some works, she was a priestess of the Goddess Athena. And at some point Poseidon tried to pursue her but was rejected in order to protect her chastity as a priestess. And in turn, he raped medusa in the temple of Athena. Out of the need to protect Medusa from any more attacks, she then turned her into a gorgon that she's most remembered for.

While in other literature, medusa was raped as a way to get back at athena for besting him in a competition of the gods. So same thing, it was an act of protection in this context.

There were also other literary pieces that tell of how Athena was actually jealous of Medusa's lustrous locks and that she was just waiting for any form of oppurtunity to rid medusa of her beautiful hair. In the end, they all kind of with medusa turning into a Gorgon. All for reasons that aren't really justifiable. It seems that in all those lores, Medusa was portrayed as the victim because she is.

And I feel bad for her in all of this.

But in my attempt to draw her, I tried to capture that icy-cold gaze that could turn anyone to stone. It is the essence of her character after all. And despite the head of snakes, I still think she retained her beauty.

Anyways, the reason why I went with medusa this week was because I started dating someone seriously again ^w^ and we were talking about mythology for a while. And she was one of our topics. Though we lingered a little longer with the story of Hades and Persephone because I find it beautiful. And there's so many aspects to their romance that just made it all the more beautiful. And it was sort of like us so idk, we just lingered on the idea for a while before we went on about other characters.

Also because a lot of splinterland cards were also based on greek mythological characters so this is for that too. I hope I can get my new stylus soon so I can do digital again. I want to make a small render of hades and persephone and show him

That all from me today UwU I'm gonna continue my sulfur series one of these days UwU

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1 year ago


Wonderful piece for Medusa, and have fun with your new friend.

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