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1 year ago

Heyyooo~~~ Back again because I was sick and I don't like not doing anything, but I also lack the brain cells to write anything too deep recently. idk I think the cold weather is making me lazier to think, which is why I end up just drawing since I don't need much brain power there XD

I think, the most brain power I need to use for drawing is with figuring out if the proportions are right or not. So for this week.. I've only made 2 drawings so far ;;w;; adn I'm working on a 3rd one too

This is the first one I did, it's traditional and one of the prompts I skippied in inktober. This is day 25: tempting. And I really had to make those lips plump and tempting because who could resist kisseable lips? Also, it's apparently hard to draw a bit of NSFW stuff in the lab, even when my lab elders approve of me drawing there. IDK they might think of me differently yeeeetttt that still doesn't stop me from drawing anything NSFW XD soo I guess they'll have to deal with this for a very long time.

here's the progression UwU and I made use of the colored pens the lab elders got for me. They said it's to make sure I behave when we don't have samples because I ask a little bit too much and they seemed to have figured out that I stop asking when I have something I want or need to draw.

Materials: rainbow pen UwU

Duration: 2 hours because sometimes the pens clog up and I have to make them ink again

The lab elders also allowed me to bring my tablet to work in case I wanted to do digital art too and I appreciated them for that small gesture UwU I have been working on digi again since it's already November plus I finally found a compatible stylus with my tablet ;;w;;

blending on digital has finally improved and I am happy!

This is the end result of my first trial run with the stylus. It held out strong and it helped me blend this nice and smoothly UwU

It's also from the splinterlands fan art weekly contest OwO she's the spirit of the forest adn I have been planning to draw her for a while now. It didn't come out as realistic as I'd hope she would be, but it's a good start since that digital art break was really long and I really thought I forgot how to blend colors digitally XD

Here is the art progression UwU I'm happy my progress this time ran smoothly UwU

Software used: Medibang paint

Duration: 4 hours. 4 Long hours but it was definitely worth it UwU

This is the one I'm working on now:

I still have lots to do on this one, actually. I've only managed to do the body. I still have to do... the rest of her... But yeah! this is for the artpark revival campaign UwU since I'm comfortable with the artpark gang, i stopped caring if it was a bit nsfw because i seem to have established that kind of bond with them XD plus I'm back to red XD and I really missed this. hopefully soon, I can post more art than this, but I'm sick so this is all I can share for now

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Top notch work, with all genius toches

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You are talented my friend. You are a gifted with that kind of talent. You knows how to draw.

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Ahhh the cherries 🍒

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