Journal for my son, a way to keep him off gadgets

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2 years ago

In the midst the toxicities of life, we write what we write as long as we can.

It's around 10 pm on March 19, 2021 that this post was being written.

I recently bought a simple binder that my son could use as a journal. He actually kept requesting for it after I suggested that he write some sort of diary to keep him away from gadgets.

Tonight he wrote his first entry. After writing, he let me read it. I was very much amused. It was all about what he did for the day but I seemingly dominated the scenes he wrote. 'Mama asked me to fetch water.' 'Mama told me to sit my baby sister because she was crying.' 'Mama asked me again to fetch water in the afternoon.' All written in our dialect.

It was just the other night when he had some sort of emotional break down. He told me all the things he experienced from being bullied at school to being scorned because his mother is fat and that he is according to the schoolmates not a normal guy because instead of playing after school he instead immediately went home in order to do errands for the family.

That is the reason why I also insisted on buying him a journal notebook.

During his breakdown, I told him that he has nothing to be worried about when doing errands for his family. It is those other boys that must be disciplined. Back when we were young we were taught the same thing by our parents to always obey elders.

But at the other side of my mind, I decided to also let him have the freedom he deserves as a young boy. Yesterday and today, I let him play more than doing house chores. Little by little, I will inculcate to him the importance of responsibility and being critical on what people brands other people. That he always has to have wisdom in order to live a prosperous life later on.

On a side note, I wish to balance as well how I regard him and to always ask guidance from Him.

I will let him write an entry everyday until he develops his writing skills, at the same time keeping away from gadgets that seem to take over the daily lives of children. Hoping he will understand me someday.

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