Why do we make money? If you knew the answer, you would be the wealthiest people

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Money is the backbone of life, as it is said, but we often give money over its amount or subtract it completely. This is an invitation to think about the reality of money and how it is consumed

One summer day, while we were still a few young graduates, we decided to visit one of our teachers, a man who is nearly seventy years old and still maintains a youthful spirit.

Of course, in such a session of serenity, we must disturb it - we men - with a conversation about the difficulty of (real life)! Thus started the conversation about long working hours, low pay, demanding managers ... and how we became just a cog in the global consumer machine!

After we arrived, our teacher got up to the kitchen and returned with five cups of tea: some were regular cups and others were decorated as if they were glassware. And as expected! A gentle war was fought over the decorated cups, and each of us was trying to precede the other by taking one of them ... and our dear teacher smiles in a majestic silence.

The battle ended and I contemplated the ordinary cup in my hands sadly, and I sat listening to the speech of the wise teacher, who started it by saying: (Did you see? This is your problem! You have fought a battle for the decorated cups even though all that really matters to you is what is inside those cups: the tea drink The most delicious !, you left out the value and cared about the container that contained it).

And money applies to it the same thing: most of us link our identity and our self-evaluation through what we have of money, forgetting that money is a container of value and not a value in itself.

So what is money?

The forms of values ​​in our life vary: money is value - knowledge is a form of values ​​as well, happiness and other pleasant positive feelings ... all are forms of values ​​in a person's life.

And highlights the role of money in being a "means" to switch between the aforementioned forms of values ​​with each other. But what do you think if I also told you that ...

No relationship between money and wealth?

This is absolutely true! Man’s wealth is not what he owns of money. Money is “the most obvious effect of our problems,” to put it more precisely: money is a mirror of our insides.

Most people think that having money makes them rich, but have you noticed that the rich are hateful? The more money they have in their hands, the more arrogant they become over people!

OK! I do not advocate poverty. (A strong believer is better and dearer to God than a weak believer)

But I am trying to tell you the value of the money. Mmm, have you ever seen the movie "Fight Club"?

There's a great quote in the movie: The things that you own, ultimately own you.)

Whatever you own, no matter how much you buy, and no matter how much money you earn, you will not be cured of an illness (I would like more ...)

Money is a means, not an end:

This is one of the phrases that people do not stop repeating, even though their gasps for "more" money exposes them!

Would you allow me to explain to you the meaning of the phrase from my point of view?

Money is a way to test feelings: When you buy a modern car (model year), you do not fall in love with its comfortable steering! Instead, you buy it to test a sense of strength and a sense of grandeur in front of the gaze of people dazzled by you and your car. And when you decide to travel to a tropical island with your family, you bear the costs of travel in the hope of building unforgettable memories for you and your family.


And in exchange for experiencing the aforementioned good feelings (and others), you pay a greater portion of your time and health and the differentiation between (family time) and (work time). And you may have to put up with a bad, not creative, and creative work environment inside you. Is it worth the money all of that?

Of course not, real wealth is when we do not spend money on ways to compensate us for what we have lost in the journey of earning it. The key to doing this: to stop seeing money and our spending as a measure of success. And again, money is a means to achieve success, but it is not success itself!

And remember: enjoy the rich flavor of tea, not the mug.

Finally, I conclude with an inspiring story about a fisherman who visited one of the rich people and found him sleeping in the shade of his boat. The rich man asked him: How do you spend your day? The fisherman answered: I wake up at ten in the morning, go down to the fishing after having a delicious breakfast with my family, come back from the fishing trip with a few fish that I sell at the fish market, then return to my house for a nap, and in the evening I go to the nearby cafe to spend some time talking with my friends Hunters, until midnight I return and spend a few hours with my wife and children, sleeping with the break of dawn.

And here the rich smiled sarcastically - striving not to show it - and said to him: Why do not you start your fishing trip at 5 in the morning, then return in the evening with more fish to sell, and continue like this for a year, until you have the price of another boat, then the third And so on until you own a fleet of boats, where other fishermen work under your command and you get rich.

And here the hunter asked: And then?

And then you will be able to sleep until ten in the morning, and spend more time with your family, and in the evening you meet with your friends in the evening until the morning to sleep at the break of dawn.

And here .. the fisherman smiled!

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