Tricks to Help You Lose Weight from the book: How to lose weight without feeling deprived?

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Some of the causes of overeating are more psychological than physical problems. There are tricks that can help you lose weight without depriving you of food.

Sometimes, eating is a psychological problem, not a physical one. Thus the way of thinking is the basis; Therefore, "Richard Tumblr" in his book "How to lose weight without feeling deprived" provides principles that help you reach fitness and thinness without depriving yourself of food, and he believes that there are many reasons that push you to eat other than hunger, such as feeling bored, depression, loneliness Or anger; So you have to understand why you are eating? Ask yourself why you are eating even when you are not hungry? This is what you need to start tackling the problem, as you apply some tricks or principles.

Tricks to help you lose weight without deprivation:

Do not eat until hungry

Learn to know when you are really hungry? If you do not have symptoms of hunger, such as stomach pain, dizziness, nausea, or fatigue, then do not eat.

Know what you eat and what you should be eating?

3,500 calories = 1 pound of body fat

If you want to burn a pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories, which is about 5 hours of running or some aerobic exercise.

So here's the recommended amount of calories to eat if you have a normal level of activity and don't have any health issues that affect your weight gain or loss. And since lifestyle varies from person to person, as well as height and body, these numbers are approximate:

Men have 2,500 calories, and women have 2,000 calories. That is, in order to lose your weight by one pound a week, you have to reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day, and thus women become 1500 calories, and men 2000. Assuming that the level of exercise that you will exercise will remain the same, and you can lose more weight if you burn some Extra calories. However, it is not recommended to eat less than 1200 calories for women or 1500 for men unless under medical supervision.

Don't think about eating

The problem with dieting is that you spend all of your time thinking about food. Like “When can I eat again? Can I have one biscuit? How many calories do I have left today? ” The truth is, the idea in losing weight is to never think about food except in moderation. How can you stop thinking? Think of it this way: If you don't like mountain climbing, you won't have ideas about mountains. So you should learn not to think about food, do not think about food or look at it, and do not make you any relationship with it except in its appropriate time.

Change your habits

If you are in the habit of buying a bar of chocolate every time you stop at the gas station, or getting in the habit of having a biscuit with your morning coffee. The solution, then, go to a gas station that does not have a grocery, and for biscuits, stop having coffee in the morning because the biscuits are related to coffee.

Don't eat unconsciously

Do not eat unconsciously, such as while watching TV, talking to others at a party, or cleaning the table. Because you will not enjoy food, let alone gain weight, because you are eating without your attention to what you are eating.

Don't eat less, rather eat differently

You can lose weight by eating differently, and you should do this to maintain your weight as it is after you reach the weight you want. What is meant here is the difference in the quality of the food, such as eating it grilled instead of fried, increasing the number of vegetables and reducing foods full of calories and sugars, fruit salad instead of ice cream, and so on .. Choose the foods that fill your plate and at the same time do not gain you any calories you do not need.

Count to ten

Establish a rule that if you cannot avoid the temptation of the food, you will at least count to ten before you eat it. One of the benefits of this method is that it forces you to stop and think about what you are doing to make sure you really want to eat this food or not? Don't blame yourself if this method doesn't work for you and you gobble up food. If it works for you one out of 10 times, it's considered fine.

Occupy yourself

When you find food calling you from the fridge, be careful not to go. The solution: do whatever you like. Find a way to distract yourself and make it your default when you start to think about food. Don't sit back and try to think. Go for a walk, wash clothes or wash the car, do anything to keep yourself occupied from food.

Drink more water

Water helps boost your metabolism rate, thus burning more calories, and also helps you to excrete the water stored inside the body, which helps in weight loss, and if you are losing weight, your kidneys will need more water to help them excrete all the waste produced. About converting stored fats into energy. Moreover, drinking water makes you feel full so that you do not feel the need to eat, it is possible if you feel hungry instead of a snack, drink a glass of water.

Also take food with you to work so that you can control what you eat, and beware of eating at night, and always put food on your plate so that you know how much you will eat, also do not buy food you do not like, keep healthy snacks, shop with a full stomach, and walk faster steps .

finally; There are more rules mentioned by "Richard" in his book "How to lose weight without feeling deprived", which is the author of a series of rules that achieved the highest sales in the world.

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