Procrastination: The most dangerous tool for killing dreams and ambition. Know it

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Procrastination is one of the worst behaviors that hold us back and prevent us from realizing our goals in life, especially if we are not aware of the true reason for procrastination.

What is the reason for procrastination: apathy, recklessness and laziness? Or are there other motives? How do you deal with it?

This is what you will know in this article ...

When you want to do something new and important, such as adhering to a health system, exercising, writing, working on a special project, or even studying, most of us feel listless and lack of motivation and may procrastinate, postpone and evade shortly after the start of the task, what is the reason behind that? Is the reason is lack of readiness and readiness? Probably. Or is it because of the coolness of our motives and unwillingness to take responsibility? All possibilities lead to delay.

Procrastination is the difficulty in convincing yourself to do the things that you should or want to do. Personally, I suffered from procrastination for a long time, especially when writing a graduate thesis, and at that time I was unaware of the reasons that led me to evade the start, despite my provision of the appropriate atmosphere and serious preparation for work. Over time, I discovered that there were two types of postponement:

  • The first type is due to fears and lack of self-confidence (this is what I was complaining about).

  • The second type results from laziness, distraction and lack of priority.

I'll highlight the first type more.

In her book, “The Confidence Coach,” Dr. Sarah Arnold tells us: Procrastination is a way of trying to cope with intense emotions (such as anxiety, the potential for failure and feeling inadequate). This method involves evasion (ie putting things off) and feeling resistance (unwillingness). When we are faced with the prospect of doing something, deep down we often fear rejection and failure, feel insecure about our capabilities, we feel tired and stressed, and we may fear what will happen next (fear of the unknown), or we may prefer to focus on more pleasant things of our choosing. (That is, the desire to control).

This talk is dangerous if it is ignored and not dealt with, because it leads to lost opportunities and to enter into the cycle of self-flagellation and increasingly poor self-confidence.

Procrastination is the poison of business and the enemy of perfection.

Beat procrastination to achieve your goals

Between fear of failure and procrastination

To understand the causes of lukewarm motivation, we have some points that help:

When threatened, our ball, run, or inertia response automatically activates. Ball, run, and immobility are the fight against a threat or the attempt to avoid or freeze it.

Integration with automatic thoughts, including: blame, intimidation, comparison, anxious thinking and the voice of self-criticism.

Beliefs and behaviors: such as (I am not motivated) or (I am not in the mood to allow me to do this) or (I need to feel in control at all times).

Resistance: This obstacle we all know. Resistance is that strong feeling of not wanting to do something, feel it, or think about it.

Procrastination is the son of (hesitation) and cousin (fear) and with this trio many people stay in the same place because they do not have (the courage to make decisions).

We are now coming up with solutions that may help solve the problem. Before we begin, you have to accept yourself as it is and do not reject it or belittle it. We agreed…

The Procrastination Hurdle: When You're Intimidated by Starting Independent Blogging

Know the causes of procrastination and how to increase productivity

The solution to the problem of procrastination due to fears is by building our self-confidence. we have to

  • We understand why we don't want to do something new.

  • We verify our fears, do they make sense or do we inflate things.

  • We accept these fears and do not deny them, or try to escape from them.

  • We learn to cope well with the consequences of trying, so that we are psychologically prepared and safer.

The solution to the problem of procrastination due to laziness or distractions

The first solution is to ignore negative thoughts related to work (such as: difficult, it will take time). Researchers say: The most accomplished people use motivation to ignore negative thoughts at first.

The second solution is to focus on continuity and progress and not on the end result or goal. Because the end result may stimulate pain, causing you to delay. One of the most important methods used to focus in the process is the Pomadoro technique, which is a famous time management method developed by the Italian Francesco Cerello, and its idea is to divide the task time into (25) concentration minutes and (5) minutes of rest = (30) minutes.

Before concluding I will quote I like, “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is a thief who steals time, so you control it. "

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