"ladies First" . . What is the story of this phrase?

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There are many situations that require a man to precede a woman in order to help and protect her, taking care of her, not tyranny, so your best is your best for his family

Ladies first - a famous and widely circulated phrase, but there were many stories about the origin of the story of this phrase, some of them said that there were two lovers who decided to commit suicide due to their inability to relate.

Some of them said that the reason is due to the time of war in the old days in the West, where women are presented in the ranks of the army to be shot, and then male soldiers can shoot at the enemies in order to preserve the soldiers' survival. And some of them said that the origin of the phrase is “women and children first” in an incident that was in the year 1852 AD where the lives of women and children were saved first in a life or death situation that occurred on a ship in which the means of survival ended, so women and children were introduced even though there is no law Provides for this.

And in another novel that the phrase appeared in the novel "Harenfton" written by William Douglas, and is considered the first documentation of this phrase "women and children first" in 1840 AD, and the novel revolves around the same previous story when a fire broke out on a ship, so the captain suggested going down to the boats, and the passengers were keen. To take care of the women and children first by repeating this phrase, so women, children and a few male passengers were transported in the boat, while the passengers and crew remained on board to fight the fire. However, the intention remains to say respect and appreciation to the women.

There are exceptions to the rule, men over women

  • The man must go before the woman to open the car door for her to ride, and in the case of getting off the car, the man also precedes her to open the door for her again unless she does not prefer to wait.

  • While opening the door until she first passes.

  • During going up and down the stairs or stairs, the man takes a step ahead of the woman in order to help her if she needs to.

  • When boarding a ship, bus, or train, the man always comes forward to offer a helping hand to the woman.

  • When talking to passers-by or men vendors.

  • When crossing narrow or dark places unknown, and if a married couple or a man and his mother hold her hand and cross a distance of no more than two steps, otherwise the man will advance in front of her completely on one line and be on her side, which enables you to look at her and observe her steps.

  • When entering restaurants, the man precedes the woman to open the door.

  • If moving doors are found, the man will advance to make it easier for the woman to cross.

  • When walking on rough floors, the man walks next to the woman and offers her his hand if she needs help.

  • In the elevator, the man comes out before the woman to clear her way.

The woman takes precedence over her husband in some cases

While sitting in public places such as a restaurant, cafe, park, plane ... etc., and when entering anywhere, but after her husband has secured her crossing by opening the door, when entering and exiting the elevator, and when riding the car after the husband approaches to open the door.

In the end, the man takes precedence over the woman in certain situations to help her and honor her, including what was mentioned in the story of the Prophet of God Moses, peace be upon him. He took precedence over the woman as came in Surat Al-Qasas, the Almighty saying: (O Dad, I will hire him, the best is the one who hired the strong and the trustworthy.) , because when she walked in front of him until he went to her father, he said to her: “Be behind me.” Although she was the evidence for him and that was to close his gaze on her, as a hatred for him to see something behind her, which God forbade him to look at.

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