Here are 11 dangerous mistakes you should avoid while setting your goals

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Sometimes when we set our goals we make mistakes without realizing this, and these mistakes take us out of our path and disrupt us from achieving our goals and adhering to them.

THave you faced obstacles in the past to achieving your goals? Have you failed to achieve a goal for a long time? Do you deviate too far from the path you set for yourself? Well, if you want to avoid all of this, here are (11) mistakes that you make while setting your goals .. Please stop them immediately!

(11) A mistake that hinders the process of setting goals

Waiting for the right time

You may wait for the perfect time forever and it never comes, if you think that you need more time, money, or science in order to achieve your goals then you may be wrong, because - sometimes - this delay is just a kind of escape, you do not have to wait for the perfect time, Venture now and do it or at least start.

Not writing down your goals

You may think that writing goals is easy and simple, so it is not important, but you should be aware that writing goals helps you positively in achieving your goals, it makes your goals more clear, and it also helps you to commit to the goal more and stick to the correct path that is most appropriate for you, now write your goals on A sheet of paper and plan everything in writing, and keep it somewhere you can easily see and reach.

And if your goals were not achieved by the end of the year .. these are the reasons

Blurry targets

When you set unclear or vague goals that are difficult for you to achieve, goals such as: “I want to earn more money, or I want to read a lot of books” is a real problem for their owners because they are not precisely defined goals. It is better to specify a monthly income of (500) dollars, for example, Or reading one book a month, this method will help you achieve your goals better and faster.

Set easy goals

Of course, the goals must be difficult, difficult, that helps us grow and develop and achieve what we want in life, but when you set simple goals it is easy to reach them, as you do not present anything new for yourself or the world.

And the opposite: to be unrealistic goals!

You must be realistic in choosing your goals, and better define the time frame for achieving your goals, in order to achieve them without becoming frustrated.

6 successful steps in achieving goals

6 important ways to achieve goals

Not developing a plan

Reaching the goal does not come randomly and does not happen by chance. Rather, it must be based on a clear plan and steps, and you divide your big goal into small interim goals. Here are 4 tips to focus more on your goals instead of ending in failure

No assessment of progress

It is important to evaluate what you have reached, and know what you have achieved from your big goal, and what remains of it. Try to review your progress from time to time so that you know exactly where you stand, and then be able to complete your goal.

Not making the necessary effort

Achieving any goal that needs work, dedication of time, thinking, and investment of energy and effort to reach it, so if you define your goal, work to achieve it; Because it will not come true on its own.

You spend a lot of time thinking

The best thing is in the middle, and as we have previously talked about allocating time to work on your goals, it should not be all the time to think about your goal, because life has many things that deserve to focus on and live it and we must make good use of all this time.

Not convinced of goals

Sometimes we set goals based on the desires of others for us, based on what people around us see, based on their dreams and ideas and not based on our true desire, so let me warn you that you lose the opportunity to enjoy your goal and work hard on it!

To give in

(Surrender kills more dreams than failure)

I read this saying and it affected my life a lot, because failure, even if it is bitter, teaches us and makes us mature and think better, as for despair destroys us from the inside, eliminates our ambitions and dreams and makes us satisfied and convinced of the reality, no matter how bad or not appropriate for what we wish.

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