Golden ways to take advantage of free time and overcome boredom

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Free time is not a wasted time, but rather an excellent opportunity that you should exploit and invest in to achieve a lot. Free time is a great experience that you should enjoy.

We all face problems with boredom and boredom (or we have faced that before), and although technology is advancing day by day and we are in the age of technology that everyone celebrates, the problem of boredom and the lack of proper use of free time is still a matter of the moment.

Once, I was browsing on Facebook bored and bored, and I saw that one of my dear friends is now there, and we chatted for minutes, so why not tell him: “Are you not bored like me? Today is really boring! I was expecting him to support and add to what I say, but he surprised me by saying: "When you use your free time, you will erase the word boredom from your dictionary."

Do not imagine how this sentence affected the course of my life, in terms of organization, management and appropriate exploitation, so I became fond of searching for the best ways and means to properly utilize free time without excessive or negligence, as the best of things is in the middle as it is said. Here are effective and proven methods that enable you to take advantage of your free opportunities and overcome what is called boredom.

1. reading

You saw that I placed reading at the top of the list, and this is an indication of its value. Reading is a pleasure for the soul and the mind. It nourishes knowledge and stimulates enthusiasm. Those who read a lot know a lot, delve into the experiences of previous nations, and visit cities and places they have only seen between the two rounds of the book.

Why do you think this introduction?

Reading - in addition to the aforementioned positives - eliminates boredom. When I engage in a novel, book, or short story, for example, I spend at least two hours in the reading session on it, so you do not feel yourself when reading how time passes.

However, this does not mean choosing any book and reading it, as one writer once said: “When you accept reading a random book, you will become a habit and accept without anything,” so you must choose your readings and choose only the top, and do not accept the few things.

2. Watch documentaries

Documentaries (documentaries) are light and easy to digest, and they contain a lot and a lot of information, some of which you get clearly, and some of it you get implicitly - deductively -. And not just documentaries, you can watch some foreign films - non-market - to develop your English language skills and British and American accents. If you are new to documentaries, I recommend films produced by Al Jazeera Documentary Channels and National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

3. Join educational courses

What prevents educational courses that develop your skills and experiences and increase your outcome? Video courses are like reading and better, because recent studies prove that a picture is worth a thousand words, let alone a video. Your retention of information in these courses will be better, and it is an important addition to your CV, which you must keep attending.

If you are a writer in the field of essays, you can take courses in the field of creative writing to expand your field of knowledge, and if you are a programmer in a specific language you can learn another language that has a demand and hit two birds with one stone, you learn more and intensify your sources of income, and so on with all professions (and even professions) Manual that has nothing to do with the internet).

As is the case with reading, you should be mindful of selecting the best trainers and the best educational platforms, and I advise you in this area of ​​“Rwaq”, “Edraak”, “Work” and “We Transform” platforms.

4. Playing sports

If you work freelance or full time then you definitely know how important exercise is for us. Exercise helps you tighten your bones, strengthen your joints, reduce back and neck pain, and it also contributes to increasing your fitness and fitness.

By "sports" I do not mean strenuous exercises that drain your energy and strength and prevent you from completing the usual daily tasks, but I do mean simple exercises such as jogging, jogging and so on. But if you can, you can go to a bodybuilding club every now and then to develop your muscles.

I consider sport - from my own point of view - a remedy for every disease, as it has a cure that does not exist without it, and it makes you spend your time instead of sitting like the dead in your dark room.

5. Talk to people

If you are an introvert, you may not realize how wonderful it is to talk to people, because it is fun and carries a lot of information and cultural exchange for you, so when you engage in conversation with a person with a higher culture than you, you will gain a huge amount of information from him and you will enjoy the conversation instead of isolation and suppression.

Don't spend your free time in any way!

When you spend your free time, you don't want to "waste it". There is a difference between using and wasting time, avoiding these ways to spend time:

  • Trivial apps and games : When you enter one of these silly games or apps, you soon find yourself subconsciously spending a lot of time on it.

  • Flipping the TV constantly:Your constant flipping of TV channels will neither benefit you nor harm you (sorry, it may harm you), and it is just a complete waste of time without the slightest fruits.

These methods do not exceed 1% of the negative ways of spending free time, but every person has a mind that thinks and judges it, as he is the one who decides the wrong ways from the positive ones.

In the end, I would like to say that “time is like a sword if you don’t cut it, it will cut you”, so make yourself an enjoyable free time rich with experience and knowledge, to benefit in the short and long term

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