Go slow and wake up to live

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2 years ago

Life goes on so fast that it seems to pass us by before we truly enjoy it. Remember that you are primarily responsible for your life, your decision, and even your sense of happiness

Many of us assume that we need to make drastic changes in our habits, lives, or even our bank balance in order to be happy. Actually this is not the case. But the truth is, we often already have everything we need to enjoy life. It's just a matter of slowing down and really enjoying what we do.

Often times we go through life's busy lives without really stopping to live it. For example, like all of these people, I live without stopping to truly live, until I woke up one morning and realized that I had lived more than half of my life in a hurry, and then decided to try something new and go slowly ..

I was stunned at the slowdown. It's like waking up without knowing you were asleep, especially since my life before this calm wasn't crazy, which is why my discovery was so surprising. What I realized during the slowdown was that I spent years jumping from thing to thing without enjoying the details. Even looking now, I don't remember how I spent the last year of my life, and I forgot many of its events. One of the things that got me back during this hiatus was time to write, so that the inspiration, passion and desire for design did return to me.

Last night I started and finished an entire chapter of a notebook I was designing, even while designing I was listening to old poems I had been listening to earlier as part of this strange new experience over time. I love listening to different types of poems while designing, I carefully listened to words and memories inundated with me, I felt a beautiful feeling while enjoying as I had not in a long time doing something I really love.

I realized in that moment that in a profound way I hadn't really lived. Before I had trouble enjoying or feeling happy in my day, I would often find me in the middle of the night and couldn't read a single page of a book or do anything of the things I wanted to do.

It may be difficult to start, especially for people with a lot of busyness, but all you have to do is start with one hour a day that you devote to yourself and slowly go through it to live it with all its details, go by doing something you love or trying something new but do it slowly and enjoy all its minutes.

Reduce the hours you spend on your phone, the hours we spend on our phones are not only wasting our time, but they increase the tension in our lives, and I find it ridiculous that technology was invented to save us time, while it turns out that it takes more of our time, we We spend many hours of our day on it. Slowing down is a choice, and it is not always an easy one, but it does lead to a greater appreciation for life and a greater level of happiness.

Some of the methods that I did have helped

Be present in all of your mind and emotions

Just slowing down is not enough, you must be really aware of what you are doing at the moment, this means that when you find yourself thinking about something that you have to do, or something that has already happened, or something that might happen ... Bring yourself back to the present moment, do what you are doing in That moment, with your mind, your emotions, and your passion all, it may take practice but it is necessary.

Contemplate nature

We often shut ourselves off in homes or offices, and rarely get a chance to go out, and even when we're outside we are busy with our phones instead of taking time off, enjoying the contemplation of nature and taking a deep breath of fresh air. Switch off your phone, or better yet, learn to leave it behind when possible, and enjoy the clearness of the water and the greenery.

Find outdoor activities that you enjoy, such as hiking in nature. Try to do this daily if possible, alone or with loved ones.

Eat slowly

Instead of cramming food in our mouth as quickly as possible leading to overeating and not enjoying its taste, learn to eat slowly and enjoy every bite you eat. I am from those who believe that food brings us happiness.

Find fun in anything

It's related to attendance, but take it one step further. Whatever you do, be fully present and also appreciate every aspect of it and find the interesting sides. For example, when washing dishes instead of rushing to wash them as a boring chore until you finish quickly, listen to the sound of running water, play with lather. It can be a fun task if you learn to see it this way. The same goes for other jobs - washing the car, vacuuming, dusting, washing - and whatever you do, in fact. Life can be more fun if you learn this simple habit.

Finally, breathe

When you find yourself running fast and gasping for air, pause and take a deep breath. Do more than that. Really feel the air entering your body and the stillness of your tension. By focusing completely on each breath, you bring yourself back into the present and slow your running. It's also fine to take a deep breath or two in between now and then so you will know what I mean.

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