Four ideas that make luck your friend!

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Many repeat: If luck were a man, we would have killed him, while others repeat: If luck were a man, we would have kissed his head !!

Perhaps you have met people who are so fortunate that luck is chasing them every way, as if some of them had a magic wand that turned what was under their feet as gold. If you asked them about the secret of that fortune, they would have said with confidence: “We are the ones who make it” or so!

Is that correct? So how do you start your relationship with luck?

In fact, there are several things you can do to flirt with "luck" and increase your fortunes. This does not require magic, sorcery, or miracles. All you have to do is trust in God and ask Him for success and make the following steps a part of your life, and then you will find that luck has become closer to you than your shadow!

Be social, and know what is going on around you

Simply, introduce yourself to others and you get to know them. For example, when you have a service that you provide, or an art that you master, let others know it, and so you have marketed for yourself, and do not forget that you know others and what they have, as you may need them someday. Know that the more people who know you and who know what you have, the more precious life chances are. Also, watch for opportunities. When you grab a newspaper ad, or browse the Internet, maybe your life opportunity is there, so don't waste it!

Change your outlook

Misfortunes and problems are part of our life, and you may be exposed as well as others to setbacks and failures, but what is important is to make your outlook positive and look for the opportunities that appear behind every problem. What I say may seem far from logic and reality, yet the stock fall crisis produced more than a "lucky millionaire". The lucky ones, like everyone else, believe that the past cannot be changed, but they always see things differently and read the future with some risk. They may have fallen once and succeed times. The important thing is to act and to do the reason.

Don't wait for luck on your bed!

Really, don't wait for luck to come to you, but rather go and look for it. And it was narrated on the authority of Umar ibn al-Khattab: The sky does not rain with gold or silver. Therefore, the more you participate in life and your interactions with others and the community around you, the more opportunities and opportunities open their doors to you. All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time, and instead of sitting at home and waiting for luck, go out and look for it and take it back to your home.

Get used to seizing opportunities with a bit of adventure

Certainly, you will not succeed in every adventure, but remember that every risk hides behind either success or experience, and you will make what comes after it easier and easier than it. And remember that hope is not achieved until after some pain. It is true that you will not lose when you play on content, but how many times will you win?

Finally, you are the one who creates luck, and do not forget to be grateful and thankful for what is in your hands, and without that you will see misery in all things!

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