Beauty standards in (13) countries around the world

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It's interesting to think about the fact that women in other cultures may find the things we do very strange

Beauty criteria may be formed in each culture with different influences (culture and history of a country, flags, social media and the influence of the surrounding community)

Exotic standards of beauty around the world

1. Korea

Korean women prefer clear skin, it is an aesthetic standard dating back to the ages when poor and tanned skin was a sign of low social status, given that Koreans have beautiful porcelain skin, it is really no surprise that Korean skin care products have become popular around the world.

2. Ethiopia

In most countries, women generally try to get rid of or hide the scars, but for the Karo tribe in Ethiopia, scratching is a beautiful art form and is often used to denote a rite of passage into adulthood.

3. New Zealand

Maori women decorate what is known as (ta-moko) or chin tattoo, this tattoo is traditionally created using a pattern (carving machine).

4. Mauritania

In general, thinness is more attractive in most countries of the world, but in Mauritania, obesity is better, the more the woman is fatter, the more fertile she is. In the past, families forcibly fed their daughters in order to gain weight, but fortunately this practice in Its way to extinction.

5. Kenya

Masai Kenyan women can often be seen rocking the noises of crunch and extended earring, which are great jewelry.

6. Iran

Nose appearance is very much taken care of, the appearance of the nose is not only a standard of beauty but also a status symbol. Often times, women keep bandages on their noses for a long time after they have undergone plastic surgeries in order to show that their families are able to provide such an expensive procedure.

7. The Netherlands

Now you can have body jewelry ... in your eyes!

Ophthalmic implants have been developed in the Netherlands, and the process involves a licensed ophthalmologist implanting a small piece of platinum molded into the shape of your choice into your eye, but you have to go to the Netherlands to do so, as it is the only place where the procedure is actually legal.

8. Japan

(Yaeba) is a procedure in Japan which translates to "double teeth" in turn, showing them a more youthful and innocent appearance.

9. Thailand

In the Kayan tribe, which is located in Burma and Thailand, girls at the age of five begin to stretch their necks with copper rings to make their necks appear longer, and every year more rings are added.

10. China

Although this practice has been banned for some time, foot binding is still a practice that affects some elderly Chinese women, what was previously seen as a symbol of the condition gave some a lifetime of disabilities, the procedure was very painful as the foot would be broken in places Different and fold to appear smaller.

11. India

Often large tampons for women from the Apatani tribe in India were inserted into the sides of their noses, legend says: The women of the Apatani were the most beautiful women in India, and because of this, the neighboring tribes would steal them to be taken as brides, so in order to appear less beautiful, women began to decorate their noses with these jewelry other than Regular.

12. Indonesia

Some tribes in Indonesia appreciate a process called dental chiseling, in which women raise their teeth until they are sharp and defined. The operation itself is very painful and generally does not involve pain or sedation anesthesia.

13. The United States of America

Tan (a method for increasing darkness and darker skin tone) It is a very popular trend among young Americans, to the point where there are specialist centers and people get skin cancer from tan a lot, it is interesting to think about the fact that women in other cultures may find the things we do strange. Extremely.

We conclude with this that what is beautiful in our society may be considered the opposite in another society and vice versa, so the standards of beauty are relative even in the same society and among individuals. Beautiful no matter your color, height or weight.

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