9 weird ways to make money from home you've never heard of!

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The Internet is not only for entertainment and entertainment, but it is also a way to work, produce and make a profit, you have to know your abilities and skills and think outside the box

Everyone talks about profit from creating videos on YouTube, writing content, watching ads ... etc. Let me tell you a secret: there are many ways to make money other than through the Internet! I will tell you about strange ways to make money from the Internet, you sure have not heard of them before!

9 new ways to make money online

1- Do you like to test things?

Be a tester and reviewer for products, as many sites pay commission in the form of cash or in the form of free products and services and gift cards in exchange for expressing your opinion - honest and accurate - on their products to improve the product. An example of these sites is the Pinchme website.

Also test the websites themselves, apps, videos, ads, ideas and more on Userlytics. Sign up for a free account and then wait for an invitation to provide feedback. User tests take about 10-20 minutes to complete, and the account is $ 10 or more for each test taken via PayPal.

2- Do you have modern technical tools?

You can make money by selling your old smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Gazelle offers you the opportunity to buy and sell various electronics. You just have to find what you want on its website, answer some questions, ship it for free, and receive payments by check, Amazon gift card or Paypal. And of course, don't forget the olex site to buy and sell anything, used or new.

3- Would you like to take pictures with your smartphone?

Earn money by selling your photos on Foap Simply download the Foap app on your smartphone and upload your photos. Once your photo receives five positive reviews from other Foap users your photo will be published for sale! You'll get $ 5 every time someone buys your photo. PayPal payments are made when the user requests a withdrawal.

4. Are you cultured enough?

You can earn money by sharing your information in a specific area on the website: PrestoExphttp.com This unique service connects individuals who have questions with those who are qualified to answer them. PrestoExperts gets a percentage of its fees and then pays you the rest via checks on a monthly basis.

5. Do you own a car and do not use it ?!

Customer delivery service has spread through internet applications, and it is on three levels: delivering orders from restaurants to customers - such as the Otlob application on Google Play - and customers themselves - such as the (Uber) application and (Careem) - and also renting the car to anyone who wants to use it. This service is provided by (GetAround.com). You only need to list your car for free and manage the rental services on the GetAround.com website.

You can win $ 120 and up to $ 365 a day! You can set the price and when you don't need the car and who you want to rent it. The rental profits are paid on the 15th of the following month, and GetAround.com charges a 40% commission on the rental to cover insurance and customer support.

6- Renting aisle and garage

Now that the driveway is empty, why not rent it too? Parklee offers you the opportunity to match property owners with drivers. You might ask: Is this a good thing? Let me tell you something: We all know that at certain times of the year finding a parking lot can be difficult, Parklee connects drivers with homeowners who have additional parking space. By doing this, you will find that your driveway will never be empty.

7. Do you like sharing stories, hints, recipes, or jokes?

Magazines are constantly looking for new content, which is why many are willing to pay for short stories, recipes, reader tips, poems, and even jokes. An example is the country magazine website (Country-magazine)

8. Do you enjoy walking in the city?

If you live in the United States of America, you can profit from walking!

(gigwalk) is a mobile workforce for individuals who use their smartphones, all you have to do is register, apply for an assignment and then complete it. Routes, street signs, geographical landmarks, transportation options, or stock storage are usually verified with a smartphone camera. Jobs are available in major cities across the United States. Membership is free.

9. Do you like sharing great deals on social media?

You already share your favorite products and services on social media, so why not profit from it ?! You can attract profits by means of a (Magnet) as companies create "magnets" for their goods and services on Share Magnet. Individuals create accounts, browse the available "magnets", and share the ones that interest them.

Each magnet has a certain cash value assigned to it, ranging from 0.2 cents to $ 2.00 per share. All you have to do is that once you find something you like, you share it on one of the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This is a fun way to earn some extra money from home, and you can join for free.

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