5 areas you should invest in before the money

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The investment path does not necessarily depend on money, as investing in himself and his time is one of the best investments that will bring him good

When the word "investment" is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is money, and how to invest and develop it. Although this is true, there are other areas that we should consider investing in before we even think about money. You may have a promising idea that could turn into a successful project, but your financial circumstances do not allow it to be implemented at the present time. What will you do then? Would you sit idly by and wait for the money to come to you? As long as you don't have the money now, why not think about investing what you own, and the time will come to invest the money later?

This talk may sound a bit strange and mysterious, and you may wonder what that means? And you might be surprised if I told you that the last thing to think about is money; Having an amount of money is not a guarantee of success. How many times have we heard that so-and-so started a project with a large amount and was doomed to failure? If you are planning to become a successful entrepreneur and investor, you have to think seriously to put in a lot of effort, in order to prepare for a strong entry into the world of business and money. This means that you must first be proficient in investing in five aspects that you have at present.

The best investment areas

1. Investing in oneself

The best thing an individual can do is invest in himself, develop it and change it for the better. And remember that what you spend on developing yourself now will have a benefit on you one day. In order to invest in yourself successfully, you must read, learn, expand your knowledge, and educate yourself. In this regard, human development experts advise to participate in training programs that are concerned with self-development and personal skills development.

You should also participate in any work that enhances your strengths and addresses your weaknesses. Be aware that if a week has passed in which you did not learn anything new, then you have missed an opportunity that can only be compensated by self-treaty to double the effort to gain knowledge and make up for what was missed in the following week.

2. Time investment

Many individuals waste their time on useless matters, while on the other hand, we find that there are individuals who invest their time with everything that is useful and beneficial. "I've noticed that most people are making progress while others are wasting their time," says Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company. This is, without a doubt, important talk that deserves our pondering. If you review yourself and think about how to spend your time, calculate the time you spend doing your work, and keep track of the hours that are wasted doing useless actions, then you will be surprised at the amount of time wasted.

You are undoubtedly aware that managing time and using it productively is one of the crucial things in our life, and it is a condition of success. And we must learn to use our time instead of spending it on useless things.

3. Invest in your youth and energy

by seizing the youth stage, which is the stage of building and establishing a decent life for an individual. The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, also directs to fill free time for the benefit of the individual.

The tendency to inaction, procrastination, inaction, and low motivation are the characteristics of failure, and it is one of the negative behaviors that consume energies and limit productivity and achieve success at all levels. Therefore, you should not fall prey to frustration and negative thoughts. And make sure that you possess a tremendous amount of potential energy, and you alone must release it and direct it in the constructive direction, for your own benefit and progress.

4. Invest in your relationships

Avoid mixing with the losers, the frustrated and the disappointed. They will not benefit you with anything, but will only increase you in reluctance. Psychologists say: “The human behavior and behavior are the result of the environment around him, and the people he sits with and mixes with.” You have to surround yourself with successful and talented people, they will influence your life in a positive way. It is okay to take an example for yourself in your life, follow in his footsteps, and add to what he did from you, in order to achieve your goals and reach dazzling success.

5. Invest in your available resources

If we follow the success stories of entrepreneurs, celebrities and wealthy people, we will notice that most of them have started their journey from scratch. However, they were able to reach the wealth, fame and stardom they reached by investing little of their available resources. On the other hand, the reality shows that a large percentage of those who obtained their wealth through inheritance or the lottery have lost their money, because they did not make any effort to obtain it, or did not invest their own resources, so they returned to poor people asking people for charity and help.

If we read newspapers and news sites, we will find many examples of successful, self-made people who did not inherit a single penny from their parents or grandparents, but rather exploited their own resources - despite their simplicity and scarcity - and invested them in reaching the success, fame and wealth they reached.

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