4 Books That Will Reshape Your Consciousness (personal preferences)

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There is no doubt that reading is not just a hobby that we practice in free time, it also greatly contributes to increasing our awareness, enlightening our minds and discovering what we believe in.

Reading is one of the hobbies most loved by many, as it takes us to the world of the writer, his experience and beliefs, so that we can choose what is appropriate for us and what enriches our minds. That is why we must be careful to enter ideas and beliefs that do not suit us or adopt others' opinions without awareness, especially if we are reading something new and different from what we are used to.

One of my favorite types of books are translating self-development books, and I find an increasing passion for reading, and the enlightenment of beliefs and ideas that I thought I had previously believed in - I don't know how? - even though it is my first time reading a book. And I think it is the writer's ability to formulate his thoughts in a way that touches your mind and your soul, to find yourself in his words, and to believe in what he believes.

1. A Book You Will See When You Believe In It / Wayne Dyer

This book reveals to you the power of your thoughts and your strengths to achieve your goals in life, and it proves to you that there is no stronger idea than an idea whose time has come. Where the book helps you to get out of the constraints of the physical world into the expansion of the world of ideas; Because it has no restrictions other than the limitations that you set, and once you break these restrictions you can imagine everything is possible.

There are four main principles for leveraging ideas:

The actions you take are the result of your visualizations, so focus on your thoughts.

  • Tell yourself that everything you envision is already here, and it is primarily the reason for your thinking.

  • Be on guard, knowing that there is no failure.

  • Be grateful for what you are and what you already have.

2. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People / Stephen Covey

One of Stephen Covey's most famous and widely read books, the book takes you to develop habits that enable you to change your life for the better, achieve your goals, and increase the effectiveness of your personality. Because when habits take root, they will become automatic and will in turn affect your quality of life.

The seven habits, in short, are:

First Habit: Be proactive

You are in charge of your life and your life, responsible for your choices, decisions and the consequences of them. Be proactive and don't be a victim of a reaction to what is happening around you.

Second Habit: Begin and end on your mind

Begin with a goal in mind that you want to reach, so you will not allow anything to be distracted, and you will be more accomplished and reached your goals.

The third habit: Do the important things first

It means arranging priorities in order to optimize the use of time and effort.

Fourth Habit: Think about how everyone is winning

Usually, relationship management, no one can succeed alone, so let us actively engage others by looking for a meeting point that makes everyone win.

The fifth habit: Strive for understanding first, then strive for others to understand you

We have to be able to listen in order to be able to understand, and we have to be bold to be able to express our feelings.

Sixth Habit: Cooperate with others

It is the skill of working within teams, as the creative cooperation between the group increases the achievement of achievements and gains for all.

Seventh Habit: Keep the saw sharp

You have to develop from the previous six habits to ensure that they continue with you, and you have to develop four main aspects of your life, the spiritual side, the mental side, the physical side, and the social side.

3. The Book of the Power of Your Subconscious Mind / Joseph Murphy

A wonderful book, one of the most important books in the world of self-development, with the highest reading rate. Where he is characterized by a simple and smooth way of explaining his ideas that help a person discover the power of his subconscious mind and harness it to achieve everything he wants.

The book deals with many important issues about the ability of the subconscious, such as: how to achieve miracles and healings, sleep miracles, achieve wealth, remove fear, harmonious human relationships, and how scholars, thinkers and writers used the capabilities of the subconscious. And many other miracles of the subconscious mind and its main role in shaping our reality and our future. The beauty of the book is that it is supported by facts and scientific studies, and not just suspicions about the enormous power of the subconscious. Also, after each chapter, it provides you with a summary and instructions to remember, so that it is easy for you to quickly read it at any time you want.

The book will make you believe that "your subconscious mind knows everything and sees everything, but you should not doubt its capabilities."

4. The Road to Love / Deepak Chopra

It is not easy to write a book about love, especially if it is a practical book as well, but with this unique book, you will learn new ways to remove the obstacles to the presence of love in your life, to make it a happier and more love-filled life, and what is beautiful in the love philosophy of this book is that It starts with you first, so the beginning of love is from you and you, not from others. Rather, the other will be a reflection of who you are on the inside, even if you don't realize it. The book encourages us to find ourselves first to find our own love story, and this story in turn should bring us closer to God, because all relationships in the end are a relationship with God.

It will take you on a journey through the stages of love, and teach you the difference between love, attachment and addiction. It also deals with a section on sexual desires in a different way that makes you more aware of them and you will see them from a new perspective, as all desires are spiritual when you see them at their deepest level, and from the book's wonderful sentences, "Love is the beginning and the end of the journey and the journey itself."

At the end of the article, I will remind you that it is not what you get out of the book that enriches you, but what the book will extract from you is what will change your life. Books do nothing but show you what is really inside of you. Make sure you read with the intention to discover more about yourself.

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