24 warning signs of suicide

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Suicide is a phenomenon that threatens the safety and security of our societies, we must stand up and confront it and offer a helping hand, and the first way to treat is to know the symptoms and act immediately

In recent times, incidents dealing with the suicide of many young men and women have increased. Some may interpret what is happening as a lack of religious faith, or an exaggerated dependence on technology, which has led to excessive openness as well as recognition of many different cultures of our Eastern customs and traditions. Many visions and perspectives that confirm that suicide is just a psychological state, or a phase of some psychological state.

The real problem is that the large number of these cases leads to a negative state in general in society, as well as the destruction of a large number of families as a result of losing one of its members, especially when this individual is young or young in the prime of life, which makes the family ask itself and search for the reasons and motives Whatever the reasons and motives, which differ from one person to another, every family and every person in the community must be aware of the warning signs that confirm a person’s suicidal thoughts, in order to be able to save the situation and expedite the necessary assistance before it is too late.

Here are the most prominent of these warning signs

  • Talking all the time about death, suicide and murder.

  • Talking about and searching for ways to commit suicide all the time.

  • Always depressing in mood.

  • Anxiety.

  • isolation.

  • Talking about it has become a burden on those around him.

  • Withdrawal from social activities.

  • Avoid family members and friends.

  • Talk about not having reasons for life.

  • Talk about feeling unbearable pain.

  • Talking all the time about feeling lost passion and that there is no benefit to him / her in life.

  • The swing between the moods “extreme anger / extreme sadness and other emotions”.

  • Acting anxious and suspicious.

  • Acting recklessly or without any awareness of safety, self-protection and risk-taking.

  • Constant feeling that he / she is trapped (e).

  • Talking about feeling self-loathing.

  • Being addicted to drugs, alcohol, or depressants and sedatives.

  • Find weapons or dangerous items.

  • Feeling very tired and exhausted.

  • Get rid of any emotional attachments.

  • Abstinence and dispensing with possessions.

  • Farewell to those around him.Feeling comfortable after experiencing sad and frustrating things.

  • Sleeping too much or too little sleep.

We cannot hold the person who resorted to suicide as a solution to his problems, for sure the person who reaches this level of frustration and despair is a sick person and needs real help, so if you know anyone who suffers from any of the problems we mentioned, do not abandon him.

Try to tell the circle around him, especially his family and close friends, try to explain the situation to them accurately and tell them that this person is like a drowning person who is desperately trying to wrestle with drowning, so he needs all the help and sufficient help to survive what he is going through.

Remember that the depression and despair that leads a person to thinking about suicide is a matter that is not in his hands and he cannot control it, and that he must have gone through many things that led him to this late stage, and remember that if a person reaches this stage, then we all do not have any right to We issue judgments on him and classify him if he is a believer or an infidel, because the reckoning is in the hands of God alone and no human being has seen it.

Do not calibrate or blame or criticize if you can help, help and if you are not able to find someone who can help, talk to a recovering patient or with a therapist or psychiatrist, or advise the patient to go to a psychological rehabilitation center, do not stand idly by, and do not imagine that None of us is far from the same problem with its same stages and pains, for we are all human and all of us are exposed to disease, whether physical or psychological.

Try to be you the point of light in the life of this person who suffers and do not increase his pain, as he eased it and gave him the opportunity to express himself and speak freely about what he feels, perhaps you are the last lifeboat in the sea of ​​darkness in which he feels that he is trapped.

As for if you yourself feel these symptoms, I know that just knowing what you are suffering is the first way to treat it. Make the decision now and go to the nearest treatment center, or ask a member of your family or friends to help you, and remember that the hearts and the world are only in the hand of God to change it from the state To the case in the blink of an eye, be optimistic and do not give up on yourself or your situation.

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