10 ways we can help the environment

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Protecting and preserving the environment is all our responsibility, we must take real steps and decisions to protect the environment and save it from the dangers that threaten it.

Scientists are constantly trying to study the effects of climate change and the changes that occur on the planet in order to save the planet from pollution and destruction that has become more than nature can tolerate, and some may think that there is nothing that ordinary non-scientists can help to solve this problem, but societies and institutions prove daily Concerned with environmental affairs, there are many things that we - ordinary people - around the world can do in order to help protect and save the environment from pollution and destruction that occurred.

If you want to help protect the environment, here are 10 ways

First: walking

If you want to make an environmentally friendly decision, you should walk, wear your shoes and walk instead of driving a car, park your car away and use your feet to move around, on the one hand you will preserve the environment, and on the other hand, you will maintain your fitness.

Second: plastic

We must reduce the use of plastic materials in general, as plastic is one of the manufactured materials extremely dangerous to the environment as well as to human health, try to replace plastic containers and cups with glass.

Remember that a lot of marine life and many animals that live in the ocean are badly damaged by plastic thrown into waterways that not only pollute the water, but it may also be a major cause of the destruction of all marine life.

Third: Freon

I know that Freon is one of the most important gases that depend on in the home, whether in the cooler or in the air conditioners, but we must know that the excessive use of Freon leads to pollution of the environment and the damage resulting from the increase in the ozone hole, which means that we have to reduce even a little Of using freon appliances, at least air conditioners.

Fourth: Detergents

There is no home without manufactured detergents, which are dangerous to the environment, both from the beginning of manufacturing and into use in homes, try to replace manufactured detergents with natural ones such as vinegar, lemon and water, and remember that these detergents, especially those that are not produced from certified companies, are not installed on any Sound scientific foundations, which may lead to real problems in use, especially if you have young children.

Fifth: lighting

Replace lighting and lamps with LED ones, which may be more expensive compared to other types, but at the same time they are used for a longer period and use less energy.

Sixth: Rationalizing consumption

Arab peoples in general consume very large quantities of foodstuffs that are often not used and are thrown into the garbage, so when we take rationalization of consumption as a principle in life, we reduce the quantities of garbage and thus reduce the spaces on which garbage containers are placed.

Seventh: classification of garbage

Classifying garbage is a first step towards recycling, teach your children to classify garbage and try to communicate with recycling factories and to spread this culture among their colleagues, friends and close ones in order for this culture to spread among the community as a whole.

Eighth: Turn off electrical appliances

We often leave an electrical appliance plugged in, even if it's turned off, whether it's the TV or even a mobile phone charger. Of course, most people think that this device or charger does not consume electricity, which is a misconception and we must change it today.

Ninth: Paper

We all know that paper is mainly made from wood, and studies confirm that 40% of the trees that are cut each year are used in the manufacture of paper, which makes us think about the great damage that this may cause, as trees are the most important factors to purify the air and thus reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and increase Oxygen levels, so they stop or at least reduce paper consumption, and rely on manufactured paper, recycled paper, or replace papers with digital documents, as they are cheaper and better in storage and preservation.

Tenth: Plant a tree

Plant a tree and take care of it, as trees are the first means of saving the planet, and a factor of beauty, as trees and gardens are the protection shield for this planet and those who live on it.

If you work for a company or study at a school or university, encourage your colleagues, students, and everyone you know to each plant a tree, take care of the environment, and enjoy the natural beauty.

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Nice article. It is badly needed to help the environment. Environment help us to live

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