10 facts about digital currencies and how to buy bitcoin

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Digital currencies such as Bitcoin revolutionize the world of e-commerce and the exchange of money for goods and services safely, quickly and easily.

Bitcoin or digital currencies have become the talk of many of the pioneers of social networking sites, as well as most of those working through the Internet, and Bitcoin is the latest development in the world of selling and exchanging services that has appeared at the present time and which seems to be a revolution in the world of currency and e-commerce.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of electronic currency and is used easily and quickly to pay for services and goods that we can obtain through the Internet, and these services or goods are not necessarily virtual such as paid programs or applications, but they can also be real goods that we buy through websites or people. Online and paid for in Bitcoin or digital currencies.

10 facts you should know before you consider using Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a modern and experimental phase to bring about a monetary revolution, so you should think twice before trading it, and ask yourself whether these digital currencies are really suitable for you or not, and also know these facts so that you can make your decision regarding whether to use Bitcoin or not. .

cannot be counterfeited or inflated like regular currencies.

You can obtain bitcoin and exchange it for goods and services with others, even if they are in large quantities.

You don't need a middleman to use Bitcoin.

Once you have sent it, you cannot restore it again or cancel the sending action, so you should think carefully before converting.

As previously mentioned, it cannot be retrieved and that you send it directly to the customer or to the seller without an intermediary, then you must focus during the transmission process to avoid any errors.

There is a clear policy for the use of Bitcoin, and it has a known source, and also all Bitcoin exchanges are recorded on the Internet, which means that anyone who can access this network can monitor all transfers from all addresses, which gives Bitcoin a greater degree of protection, especially with regard to surveillance. Questionable international bank transfers, which are mostly related to financing prohibited activities.

Getting Bitcoins is not difficult, because you can buy it or get it in exchange for the services or goods you market it.

Bitcoin is used all over the world.

There is a constant development in the Bitcoin industry, as we have mentioned it is still in the experimental stage, so it is likely to change and develop more in the coming stages.

There are services that are similar to Bitcoin but not the same technology so don't confuse them like Bcash, BCH or Bitcoin Cash.

How can you get Bitcoin?

Obtaining it is not difficult, but at the same time, if you decide to deal with these currencies, you will need strong protection for your electronic accounts, and we will address this part in the following paragraphs, as for obtaining Bitcoin it is through:

Electronic wallets, which are programs or applications for smart phones purchased through websites, which we will discuss below.

E-commerce by obtaining bitcoins by providing certain services or selling certain goods on the Internet, instead of paying with bank transfers or even using an intermediary such as Paypal.

What are the best types of e-wallets?

There are many types, but we will recommend the best for you according to the number of users and their reviews about these e-wallets, and most of these wallets only take a day to install the blockchain on your device and then use it.

The first type: Copay wallet

This type is available for smartphones of both types, Android or IOS, or even phones that run on other less popular systems such as Windows or Linux and other types. This type of wallet enables you to use the same account on several devices thus providing the advantage of ease and flexibility to the user.

Also, this type is one of the simplest and easiest to use as it relies on an easy system that does not cause any interference to the user, and this type is preferred in business than in personal matters because it requires the participation of at least two individuals and financial operations are only completed with their signature.

The second type is Breadwallet

This type is available in two versions, the first for IOS systems and the second for Android, and the most important features of this type are simplicity and ease of use, as well as levels of protection and security, and this program is easy to understand for first-time users.

The third type Airbitz wallet

This type is suitable for personal transactions and for daily use, and it also provides the public with some types of discounts in some shops, and this wallet is managed by the username and password, but despite this, no one can access your deposits of Bitcoin and this protects the user from Problems of hacking or electronic theft.

Best security bitcoin e-wallets

As we mentioned previously, in case you want to deal with the cryptocurrency system, you must rely on a strong protection system, and a strong arsenal that repels any attempt to hack or theft, so we recommend two of the best safe and secure wallets.

1. Armory Wallet

This program gives you complete control over the electronic wallet, and provides you with protection of financial operations even when you are not connected to the Internet, but it may be inconvenient for beginners in technical matters.

2. Bitcoin Core Wallet

It is the official Bitcoin wallet, although there are few users of this wallet due to its characteristics, but its efficiency is very high as it maintains a complete copy of the blockchain, so it does not need a third party, and also protects user privacy and helps complete various financial operations.

Sites where you can get bitcoins

You can buy digital currencies from several sites, we will recommend the 4 best sites for you to buy bitcoin digital currencies, but you should be aware that any of the sites need a membership registration with 100% correct information, and your bank account must also be connected to your online account from Order Bitcoin purchases.

On each of the following sites, you will find an educational video regarding the registration process as well as the purchases:

1. Coinbase


3. LocalBitcoin

4. Spectrocoin

Once again, we must emphasize that exchanges must be done with complete accuracy and focus, because once you send them you will not be able to take them back.

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